Free Essay with the Analysis of After Stonewall Documentary

Published: 2022-09-22
Free Essay with the Analysis of After Stonewall Documentary
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Around 1969 in New York, the police raided a gay bar located in Greenwich Village Stonewall Inn ending up causing three-night riots towards the gay community. Ideally, at this time the Gay Liberation Movement had started. It was cited as being the first instance in American History where Lesbian and gay fought back on a government system that prosecuted homosexuals. The Stonewall marked the defining and beginning start of the event regarding transgender activism as well as rights in America and around the world.

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After Stonewall incidence, the perception of gay and lesbian within New York was faced with many obstacles around them, such of class, gender, and cohesive communities. Also, gay activist started forming organizations for counter confrontation tactics. Much than that, promotion of newspapers was established concerning gays and lesbian rights this prolonged has year passed on within America and around the world. In commemoration of Stonewall riots, on June 28, 1970, the anniversary of this riot took place New York and Los Angeles has Gay marched. Similarly, other cities around the world mark this event (Scagliotti, 1999). The gay pride event nowadays globally are held annually mainly towards the end of June as a mark of Stonewall riots.

Arguably, from the readings selected, the core concept brought out is transgender. Typically, people move away from the assigned gender they were born. For instance, they make their own cultures and (Trans) across boundaries which are defined by their genders and cultures. The ending results are forming a historical discussion allowing them to have a historical sensitivity to a wide perspective, experiences, and identities. Additionally, transgender in the United States was polarized by most medical communities where most nonconformity to gender was treated as though they were an illness. Transgender on both aspects was fought to come forth with their rights towards different genders in America and the world.

According to both, "After Stonewall and Transgender History, what is depicted is the idea of liberations. People clashed and rioted with police for their civil rights within the United States that are seen through the 1950's and early 1970's. A liberation protest seen was the Stonewall riots where there was demand regarding equal service. Another similar case was that of Compton's Cafeteria riot relating to the transgender. Likewise, there was the issue based on health and medication matters, both checked on how to improve health resources, curb AIDS situations, improved medical technologies, and many more aspects relating to the transgender subject, all who are put to historical context (Stryker, 2008).

Most of the histories seen in the reading are erased generally by society and according to Susan; they are histories she was unaware of together with others. To her, she says that transgender is quite significant to history since transgender individuals pay a key role in LGBT Movements (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) thereby credited for peculiar of the rights (Stryker, 2008). Furthermore, what emerges now in history is the acknowledgment that is spearheaded by transgender peoples specifically those of colour. From such an understanding, it will be clear to us to the reality on what should be and not be. Besides, such history will gear for changes that are potential to trans-people within the states. History will assist to commemorate many other riots and resistance similar Stonewall.

Concisely, after Stonewall, nowadays walking through Greenwich rainbow flags is visible everywhere in support of their solidity to the gay movement. The area has grown into a global network from a small community it was. Finally, Stonewall is operational up to date and proudly displays their flag outside the building.


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