High Blood Pressure among Hispanic Adults

Published: 2022-04-12 07:30:00
High Blood Pressure among Hispanic Adults
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The force that is exerted on the arteriole walls as blood flows through them is hypertension, others refer it to high blood pressure. Normally, blood in the arteries flow at a higher rate compared to the flow of blood in veins and this is due to the fact that arteries receive blood directly from the heart. High blood pressure is a disease which is normally associated with old age but this is not entirely true since young adults can also be affected by the disease. High blood pressure may result in conditions such as heart failure, vision loss, stroke and kidney problems if not treated. This document explains high blood pressure in details among adults living in Spain.

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High blood pressure exposes people to stroke and other heart diseases which forms the highest causes of death in Spain. This, therefore, has resulted to the need of putting special emphasis on the disease. It is necessary to understand the causes of the disease, how to create awareness of the disease, the prevalence of the disease and the best ways of treating and controlling the disease. In Spain, it has been established that adults from the age of twenty on are infected by the disease. The prevalence of this disease in Spain between the years 2010-2015 was established to being slightly above 30%. The main objective of healthy people 2020 is to reduce the number of deaths related to sickness apart from natural death.

The estimated population of Spain in 2018 is about forty-six million people which are about 0.61% of the world's population. The median age in Spain is 43.6 years which means that most people lie between the ages of 35-55 years. With this knowledge, doctors are able to establish the percentage of people affected by this disease and the emerging cases of sicknesses. It is established by a study conducted in 2009 that most women and people above sixty-five years had a high number of patients infected with the disease. It is important to establish the kind of people infected by a certain disease in order to put measures of controlling it.

Primary, hypertension as well as secondary hypertension are the two major types of high blood pressure. The two types of hypertension are based on whether the cause of the disease is known or unknown. Primary hypertension is diagnosed whenever the doctor notices higher pressure than expected level on three or more visits eliminating all the other causes of high blood pressure. This type of hypertension is normally associated with frequent headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, and tiredness. There is no established cause of this type of hypertension. The importance of the findings of this article is that it helps individuals to monitor their health and help them try to prevent infection of this disease.

Whenever an abnormality is noticed in the arteries that supply blood to the kidney, then secondary hypertension is on. Causes include but not limited to the following; too much salt in the diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, hormone abnormalities, and tumors of the adrenal gland among others. Secondary hypertension may have similar symptoms as those of essential hypertension e.g. nosebleeds and dizziness among others.

The other types of high blood pressure include; isolated systolic, malignant and resistant. Isolated systolic is established in two bits which include determining the pressure exerted during the heartbeat when the heart is filled with blood. When blood flow is under 120/80 then normal blood pressure is present. Malignant hgh blood pressure is a type of blood pressure that occurs when the blood pressure rises extremely quickly. This type of hypertension was observed among most blacks living in Spain and in particular, expectant mothers. Resistant hypertension is a type of high blood pressure which makes the blood pressure to remain at high levels even after a patient is administered with more than three antihypertensive medications.

Common causes of hypertension in Spain

In Spain, 82.3% of the population is urban which approximates to about thirty-eight million people. People in urban areas are affiliated with certain ways of living. Most alcohol and drug abusers are in urban areas. According to researchers, people who consume alcohol have higher systolic blood pressure compared to those who do not consume alcohol. This results in high blood pressure which subsequently leads to infection of other diseases and if not treated it leads to death. In Spain, most people infected by high blood pressure are old people. Other factors that lead to hypertension include; physical inactivity, high salt intake, high fat intake, mental stress, diabetes and ethnic background among other things.

Creation of awareness about this disease could equip people with the necessary to deal with different situations and know when to visit a doctor. Creation of awareness can be done through holding seminars. Seminars involve inviting a group of people with similar interest to discuss on a certain topic, in this case, the discussion should be entirely based on hypertension. Another method which can be effective in creating awareness about high blood pressure is by use of posters e.g. on busy roads with the aim of attracting the attention of people using these roads to read them. Education can be offered to those at high risks of being infected by those people who are around them.

High blood pressure can be treated or controlled using different ways depending on the level of infection. Slightly elevated blood pressure can be controlled through a change of lifestyle. This will include what one eats or consumes. Moderate-high blood pressure can be controlled through medication as prescribed by a medical doctor. Severe hypertension that is higher than 180/110 requires the attention of a specialist which might be done through surgery. The general methods of controlling and preventing high blood pressure can be through a number of ways e.g. exercising regularly. Exercising for thirty minutes every day could lower the risk of hypertension.

Moreover, another method which can be used to control and prevent high blood pressure is by reducing the amount of stress. Stress contributes to pretention among a high number of individuals in Spain who are mostly between the years 40-55. Stress may be caused by certain things in a person's life e.g. illness, finances, family and work among others. It is therefore important to deal with stress in its early stages before high blood pressure strikes in. In order to avoid stress, one should practice gratitude, know personal stress triggers, change expectations by giving yourself time to get things done.

Reducing the amount of caffeine one consumes can be another method of reducing the risk of hypertension or can also be used as a method of treatment. Caffeine can raise blood pressure by as much as ten mm Hg in people who rarely consume it. This level varies from one person to another depending on the habit of the individual.

High blood pressure can be reduced significantly among Hispanic adults when people observe what they consume and practice regularly. For this to be achieved awareness campaigns should be held in order to increase knowledge of people with this disease. It has been established that most people suffer from high blood pressure unknowingly. In order to reduce this, people should visit hospitals for regular screening or monitor their blood pressure while at home.

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