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Excellent Problem Solution Essay Topics to Consider

There are dozens of minor inconveniences we gripe about every day. But for some reason, when it comes to devising problem solving essay topic ideas, we all come up short. Some issues seem too insignificant to write about, while others are too complex to tackle in a short essay. So if you’re stumped and have no idea where to begin looking for a good topic, check out our shortlist of excellent subjects. Besides, each one comes with a free problem solution essay you can use for inspiration.

Are Problem Solution Essays Giving You Trouble?

Every Youtube tutorial you’ve ever watched, every Ikea guide, and every self-help book is a form of a problem solution essay. They all describe the most efficient ways to resolve a particular issue, be it putting together a piece of furniture, getting over a breakup, or beating procrastination. Unfortunately, your experience with how-to articles and videos does not make writing a problem solving essay any easier. Academic writing requires a certain degree of formality as well as hard evidence for suggesting a particular solution. 

Still, a problem solving essay is one of the most exciting assignments you can encounter in high school or college. So take it as a chance to flex your creativity and critical thinking skills while tackling a problem that’s been driving you crazy, and we’ll help you put your solution into words.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

First, you need to pick and narrow your topic. It can’t be as general as peace on Earth or climate change because you won’t be able to cover the solution within the word count required. You can select a relevant current issue, but it should be narrow enough to discuss in a short essay. 

Second, do your research. You can start with a relevant problem solution essay example in our database to find a few credible sources. Online repositories and scientific databases should also give you plenty of hard facts to work with. Just remember to keep the publication data at hand for proper citation. Then, with your facts at the ready, outline the rough plan (keep reading to find the most logical structure suitable for this assignment).

Finally, it’s writing time. We always recommend breaking up the work into smaller writing sessions, though you may complete the assignment in one sitting if procrastination gets the better of you. The most efficient approach to writing is to put everything into words as soon as possible and leave the polishing for the editing stage. Remember to combine reference evidence with your analysis in every paragraph and avoid overusing thesaurus to sound smarter. 

The final secret of how to write a problem solving essay is devoting as much time to the post-writing routine as you do to research and writing. Presentation is everything, and ensuring your paper is at its finest will earn you extra points. Start with a critical look over redundancies, inconsistencies, and weak arguments. Delete or amend anything that seems out of place. Then, use Grammarly or a similar proofreading tool to weed out mistakes and add missing commas. Finally, format the piece according to the style requirements and pay special attention to in-text citations and the reference list. While automatic citation generators can do the bulk of the work for you, double-check each entry to ensure there are no unfortunate mistakes.

Boost Your Writing Speed with Problem Solution Essay Examples

Completing any writing assignment always seems like a daunting task. Research alone can take weeks, and writing is never at the top of your priorities list because you have no idea where to start. But if you use a problem solution essay example to guide your research, planning, and writing, you can complete the assignment in a fraction of the time it usually takes. 

Keep reading to find our problem solving essay topics list at the bottom of the page. We’ve included links to the best samples from our collection to tickle your inspiration. 

Do You Need More Than a Solution Essay Sample?

While writing a problem solution essay does not take as much time as actually solving problems, it’s still a challenging, time-consuming task. Moreover, you cannot always rely on literature sources to develop a solution, especially for current issues. And churning out a paper when you’re anxious and pressed for time is never a good way to score a high mark. 

Luckily, there is a simple solution to your writing problem. And that’s hiring a SpeedyPaper professional writer to take care of it. Here you can buy problem solving essays on any topic and for any class. You can specify the topic or let our experts pick a solid issue to research and resolve. Your way out of the writing time crunch starts with a couple of clicks.

The Only Logical Problem Solution Essay Structure

The name of the assignment says it all: your paper should include the problem and the solution in that order. This is not the type of paper to experiment with the layout of your essay. Giving up the solution upfront is like spoiling the long-awaited movie for a fan. You can experiment with your writing style and word choice but stick to the traditional structure.

The logical problem solution essay outline includes three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion:

  • The first introductory paragraph should highlight the problem. However, it should also explain why you chose this particular issue to resolve. It’s also a good idea to discuss the problem’s relevance for everyone involved. Convince the reader they should care about solving this issue.

  • The body paragraphs should describe the solution you suggest. Depending on the problem solving essay word count requirements and the type of the problem, you may use a chronological or thematic layout of the body passages. The former works well for issues that need a long time and several steps to be resolved. The latter is suitable for most cases. You can also include a paragraph on potential solution implementation barriers and effective ways to overcome them.

  • The final section of your problem solution essay should reiterate the importance of solving the problem and highlight the core points of the proposed solution. You can also include reevaluation parameters or additional actions to further improve the situation.

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