Free Essay Sample on Hypothesis Testing Review

Published: 2022-06-06
Free Essay Sample on Hypothesis Testing Review
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Hypothesis testing is a practice in statistics which involves test of assumption concerning a population of concern. The given level of research is normally accomplished by an analyst. The approach to the practice depends reasons behind the analysis and the nature of data to be used. Hypothesis testing is used to generate inferences in the form of the hypothetical result from a large population with the focus on a sample data. The major aspects of hypothesis testing are the types of data and variables whose types are great use.

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Types of Data

Data exist in different types some of which can be analyzed in the process of hypothesis testing. The process evaluates various parameters of the population of concern. It is important to know and recognize the applicable types of data since the design of every test is meant to evaluate the specific parameter of a population. The population further dictates the types of data which would be acceptable for the process of hypothesis tests. Being able to know the specific population parameter and type of data to be used makes it easy for an analyst to choose the most applicable type of test.

Continuous Data

The type of data is identified with uncountable number of values existing between two values. It is applicable in making inference about standard deviation, median, or variance of a given population. Measuring the characteristics of a process like weight, length or temperature involves obtaining continuous data. The nature of the continuous data is normally of a decimal or a fraction value. For instance, if one wants to determine if the mean weight of objects differs from what is indicated, he or she would sample and record their weights.

Bernoulli Data/ Binomial Data

The Bernoulli data is used to make inference about percentages or proportions. The name of the data type is drawn from respective population referred to as the "Bernoulli population". It is therefore known as the binominal data since the sample under analysis can be interpreted as binomial population. Classification of an event, person or item in two groups leads to the generation of the binomial data. The categories must be mutually exclusive, involving relationship aspects such as defective/non defective, yes/no or pass/fail. For example, an engineer examines samples of bolts to investigate which could not be usable because of severe cracks. The number of bolts rejected and inspected bolts are recorded. In this context, hypothesis testing may involve determining the overall percentage of defectiveness of the affected bolts.

Types of Variables

The two major variables used in the hypothesis testing, are dependent and independent variables. A dependent variable is the one in which the researcher is interested. The tests will involve the determination of the changes to the dependent variables, which the researcher tends to measure through the use a number of techniques. For instance, a test may be involving an individual's ability to throw a ball, which is the dependent variable. Measurement can be undertaken to measure the influence of hunger in the performance in ball throwing. An independent variable on the other hand, remains the basis of the effects recorded by the dependent variables. The previous example can be applicable in this situation; how long it has taken before one has not eaten determine one's energy to throw the ball hence is the independent variable. In this context, the analyst has control over the independent variable on which the dependent variable further depends. The test can therefore involve manipulating the aspects of the independent variable to see the changes in the dependent variables.

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