Essay Sample on Importance of Case Study

Published: 2023-05-02
Essay Sample on Importance of Case Study
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Case studies play a significant role in teaching activity. Using a case study in the teaching activity gives the psychologist a chance to understand various situations in various children. Case studies are simulators or real managerial positions and personal antiquity of an institution, individual, or business encountered with a challenge that needs to be solved with immediate effect. Such teaching methods are effective for skills development like communication skills, and critical thinking, enhance team working, as well as promote exchanges, along with a collective edifice of knowledge. When the case study is used in teaching, helps in dialectic development between theory as well as a practice offering fertile conceptual content application ground to the situation in the real world, overcoming the differences between academia as well as the work's society (Pedagogy in Action 2018). In our case here, doing a case study for Johnny will be the best solution to the behavior of Johnny.

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The reason for selecting this approach is to help him to take responsibility for his learning inside as well as outside the classroom. Case studies can shape some students who are always involved in disrupting others while in class. Case studies help them to know their life does not end only in class but they should be responsible for their future. Secondly, they are suitable for giving new insight to Johnny. It enables him to open his mind and see life in various dimensions. In most cases, Johnny may not take their studies seriously because he may not be aware of what is ahead of him. Once a case study is used since it involves various future cases may enlighten his mind to start valuing his future.

In my case study, I would include the advantages of reviews as well as how good it is to complete the assignments that the teacher gives. One thing to let him know is that finishing of homework helps the teacher to evaluate the progress of every child in class and how to help the one who has a challenge in various questions. It encourages the teacher to see the student complete the classwork because it will make him or her to know the help the student needs. The advantage of completing a math problem is that it enhances thinking to various students, and still, it becomes easy to understand the skills in any student.

I would also include the need for reading loud as requested by the teacher in class. Reading not only one story or assigned reading, but several of them will help Johnny to improve in his grammar even when speaking to others because he will learn several skills and his spoken language will improve. Reading passages and even storybooks loud in class helps the students to build courage and also enhances the English that a fourth-grade child speaks. No one finds any difficulty when talking to others after practicing this reading method because of the courage built. This will also be effective by showing Johnny the progress of the rest of the classmates who took their assignments seriously and took their time to complete them on time. It is also good to show him the skills that children who are involved in reading various passages loudly have acquired. By this, he will be able to take the activities given by the teacher seriously because, at some point, he might feel challenged.

Another thing I will include in the case study is the reason for letting the teacher see the progress in any assigned activity (Pedagogy in Action, 2018). Johnny never allow the teacher to see what he is doing, and anytime the teacher go where he is, and he turns on the blank paper for the teacher not to see what he is doing. Johnny must let the teacher see his progress to correct him in case of any mistake before he goes far with the error.

Case studies play a notable role in helping children who are experiencing challenges in theory performance. It changes their perspectives on how they view things and start being serious in their studies. The best time to assist children in their education is when they are still in their lower grade because they will be able to concentrate on instructions and admit changes.


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