Essay Sample on Interviewing a Senior Accountant

Published: 2022-12-15
Essay Sample on Interviewing a Senior Accountant
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I had the pleasure of interviewing a senior accountant of a Blue-chip company. For many years I have always admired accounting and have always wanted to become one. I love what accountants do and when I got a chance to interview one who has been in the game for over 10 years, I found out more about the profession and what is needed. According to the interviewee, the general job descriptions for an accountant is that he or she is the person who provides financial information to the company by doing research and analyzing accounting data and preparing reports.

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The accountant is tasked with different roles in the organization like preparing asset, liability, and capital account entries. This he does by compiling and analyzing all account information. He or she documents financial transactions and this is done by making sure that all account information is entered. This is the person who is also in-charge of recommending financial actions in the company by analyzing all the available accounting options.

The accountant is also tasked with summarizing the current financial status by collecting information that is preparing balance sheets, profit and loss statement among other financial reports. The accountant audits documents so that he can substantiate financial transactions done in the company.

The job holder will be the one to maintain accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures. He will always reconcile financial discrepancies by analyzing all account information in the company. He or she is the one responsible for securing financial information by making sure that all database backups are completed. This is the person who is also in charge of preparing payments and this is done by verifying documentation and requesting disbursements. The accountant answers questions concerning accounting procedures by making sure that he or she researches and interprets accounting policy and regulations. He is also in charge of preparing financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.

This interview changed my perception about I viewed accountants and made me have an even bolder resolve to accomplish my goals of becoming an accountant. This interview made me realize that one can become what he or she wants as long as he works hard and doesn't quit or give up. I learned as an accountant one has to be organized and be able to set priorities and also be able to work with minimal supervision. From the interview, I am now able to improve my job exploration and make better career choices. I now know that I have to work hard and that nothing comes easy but through passion and hard work.

From the interview, I was able to learn new insights about the accounting job. I was able to learn that an accountant has more roles in the company than the ones that I had always imagined. I understood more about what is needed to become an accountant and more so what skills are needed to make a good one. Through the interview, I got new ideas on what should be done and that patience is needed to make one an expert at a certain field or discipline. Personal discipline is also required and to have control over oneself in all aspects.

The interview increased my interest in the field. Through the interview, I learned more about accounting and that made me love it more. The duties and roles that an accountant does make me love the job even more. The senior accountant made me realize that I can achieve anything and through the explanations, I learned more on accounting. I particularly loved how he does his job so well and that he is always on time and clears all the jobs on time too. This made me love the job and has a bigger resolution to be an accountant. The use of the financial accounting applications made me love the job more and I left the interview with a better-defined goal of becoming an accountant in the near future.

From a very young age, I have had an interest in mathematics and this made me want to do something that relates to it. As I grew my interest narrowed and I found myself loving what accountants do. I have been able to develop skills that are needed in accounting and I believe I can make a great accountant. I believe I possess the skills necessary to become a good accountant. I possess skills such as reporting skills, attention to detail, deadline-oriented, confidentiality, good time management, data entry management as well as general math skills. All these skills are a requirement for one to become a good accountant and with all the skills I believe I can make one good accountant. My personality fits the bill to become one and my eagerness to learn new things makes me better at being an accountant. My passion has always dictated me what to do and it is because of my passion for economics and accounting that I was attracted to look forward to becoming an accountant.

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