Justify Medea's Murder His Revenge Against Jason - Free Essay on Greek Mythology

Published: 2019-09-20
Justify Medea's Murder His Revenge Against Jason - Free Essay on Greek Mythology
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Greek mythology by different philosophers such as Euripides is fascinating and absorbing as it captures the attention of the reader and the audience due to its usage of different styles that are enthralling. This myth by Euripides revolves around two dominant characters namely Jason and Medea alongside their royal family where they are much seen to operate from. It is incumbent to note that this book advances the theme of feminism and the challenges they undergo on a daily basis as they carry on their normal activities. The book opens with a form of resentment and bitterness that Medea has suffered. It shows how Medea is embittered by the fact that his husband has decided to take another woman for a wife. From the onset, there is an aspect of rivalry that prepares the reader just to know intuitively what is being advanced. It is from this perspective that this work will delve on Medeas retaliatory act provided in the summary of argument and the literary evaluation of the work.

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Summary of the argument

Medea, the wife to Jason, finds that his husband decides to marry a new wife. This makes Medea feel uneasy because she recalls how her husband used to love her and the things that they have done together for a couple of years. She believes that all his success is a clear attribution of her support and therefore wonders how she could lose Jason to another woman. Like any other being, she hatches a plan to terminate all those who have injured her feeling including making her husband experience the same bitterness she has undergone. This is because of Jasons choice to marry Glauce, the daughter of King Creon of Corinth. Medea further contemplates how best she can punish her husband, and she decides the only way to punish him greatly is through the killing of her children. In addition to that, she also believes that it is a good step to take as her children would not be mistreated or even subjected to the same hostility. In the long run, Medea manages to kill the king who is also the father to Glauce by poisoning him. This mission is accomplished when Jason goes for exile briefly. Upon arrival of Jason, he meets double tragedy as his newlywed Glauce, and her father Creon are found dead at their apartments he rushes home to punish Medea for the atrocious action she has taken. On reaching home, he finds another trajectory of the tragedy that has befallen his children. They are all dead lying prostrate on the floor.

Nonetheless, it is of primary importance to note that the environment around her influences the action taken by Medea. Medea meets multifaceted challenges and as such she decides to be hardened and devise some appropriate strategies to curb them. One is that of being daring and not fearing the masculine gender. She feels that women are oppressed enough and decides to take a paradigm shift to transform the image of women in the society. Medea, unlike other women, tries to express her heart and to feel in a positive way not only becoming subservient while undergoing torturous treatment. Her actions are justifiable as every human being reacts differently once their feelings are triggered and the case of Medea is not an exception. Alongside her mistress, Chorus they work hand in hand to reinstate sanity in feminine and womanhood.


There is an element of justification of Medeas action from this myth derived from Greek and developed in a creative way by Euripides. The composer of this myth was considerate as he allowed a female to take the heroic role in the play. From time immemorial it has been known that women take the minor role in decision making. Moreover, the assumption further tries to show that they do not have feelings thereby when hurt; they are infuriated they need not expose their infuriation but rather swallow it. The author has achieved his objective by allowing his readership to understand that there is no variety of feeling in the human race and gender. All gender exhibit the same form of consciousness and therefore, it will be illogical to allude that the feminine gender has no feelings. Similarly, the author has achieved this by bringing out the plight of women a very explicit form. He does by devising the approach of retaliation. Women are retaliating as a form of fighting for their independence. On the contrary, the book failed to show how humans can curb challenges when they encounter them. Also, the authors style of killing the protagonist is another shortcoming of this work. There is no clear rationale for innocents children to be killed.


This piece of work has clearly shown the role of women in the contemporary society. Women have been seen to take the quasi or passive role in the contribution to the societys development. They are viewed as people who are only supposed to conform to the masculine gender. However, this bond has been broken by some female such as Chorus the servant to Jason and Medea herself.

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