Free Essay on Love and Hatred

Published: 2019-05-28
Free Essay on Love and Hatred
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Love and hatred are both feelings that impact our day-to-day lives. Being intangible, both can only be expressed but not felt and seen. These two opposing words have stirred up a lot of historical events, both good and bad, that linger in each and everyones mind. Love is a positive feeling towards a second party. A feeling of appreciation, fondness, care and willingness to offer in order to see the other party happy. It leads to prevalence of peace and togetherness. The feeling of equality and value. Love is highly misunderstood and thus has led to both happiness and sadness in a quest to have it. On the other hand hatred is the complete opposite of love. It is a deep feeling of total dislike and intolerance to another party. A negative feeling that leads to generation of rifts in the society at large.

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On various media, love is portrayed as something so warm, tender, and sweet and is always presented in colorful and attractive colors. It is portrayed to be calm and patient and that it finally pays off very rewardingly. On the contrary, Hatred is presented as something so rough, bitter, impatient and scary. It is presented in dark colors that are often frightening. We also see that it always has a bitter ending, full of regrets and pain. This can easily be detected in movies, novels and even stories in the spiritual books: for example the story of Abel and Cain in the Bible where Cain hated his brother Abel whose burnt offerings were always accepted by God. This act happened because of jealousy, which is one precursor of hatred.

There are a lot of benefits that come from love. Harmony and tranquility in the society is one of the greatest fruits of love. Also there is this mutual feeling that attracts people that finally end up tying the knot and starting families. This is a demanding and compelling feeling to really possess someone in ones life. This has led to other people hurting themselves to finally appreciate the fruits of love whilst others have ended up languishing in eternal regret for failing to seize the chance to express their feelings. Missing a chance to show love can be so painful and heart-breaking that it can finally culminate in development of hatred.

As we saw before, hatred is a negative feeling. Therefore much of it leads to destruction and all the bitter results in life. Hatred is quite pivotal when it comes to development of fights or any of its precursors like: marginalization, discrimination, stigmatization and many more. We can all see that all these are acts that are meant to hurt the feelings of the victims and therefore if by any chance there is retaliation, then often big fights and revolutions occur. Hatred by itself can have benefits, though they are biased since its only shunted to one privileged side. For example, hatred of a less privileged group in a society or state may lead to their marginalization and thus the more privileged group will enjoy the lion share of the resources on offer. This was a typical case during the dark ages when there was racism and Apartheid was the order of the day.

In comparison, we have seen that both can be very disastrous. One being: when love turns sour leading to heart-breaks that often result in depression, suicide or even divorce, while for hatred, bitterness and strife are always the order of the day. In an ideal situation love can never exist by itself without hatred showing up somewhere. Be it due to envy of the others successful love or the lovers hating the ones not wishing them well. Either way, both exist at the same time and thus it depends on endurance and determination for one to firmly hold is or her ground for a successful relationship to be a reality.

Therefore, we have seen that these two feelings are antagonists and that in an ideal society, they are not mutually exclusive. We have also seen how each of them is portrayed in the media, therefore telling us how they are perceived. Finally, we have seen both the bitter and the sweet that comes from either of them.

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