Organizational Strategies - Management Essay for Students

Published: 2018-01-17
Organizational Strategies - Management Essay for Students
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My current employer experiences challenges in staffing due to insufficiently skilled professionals in the country. Moreover, the individuals providing manual labor are not consistent and hence, the shortages are experienced on a daily basis (Anderson, 2012). Incorporating environmental concepts into the business has also been a challenge as Saudi Arabia requires rapid growth of water supply facilities that is indirectly proportional to the population. The legislative structure also provides insufficient guidelines that should be used by the environmental governing body of Saudi Arabia.

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Since my organization’s aim is to ensure that the waste water is treated and ultimately provided through recycling techniques, its main duty is to satisfy the stakeholders and the communities while making a profit for the interested shareholders (Eisenhardt, 2002). The challenging environmental factor is accessibility of the required environmental services like environmental impact assessment.

It is true that the advancement of technology used in water treatment facilities will create a competitive advantageous edge over the other companies according to Eisenhardt (2002, p.89). As such, improving client’s experience and a more advanced waste water treatment plant that accommodates a high volume capacity serving a larger geographical region will impact positively on the client’s experience and satisfaction (Gross, 2009). Offering staff members training and further studies to the current employees is critical for the successful function of the organization. Strategic measures such as creation of a marketing team, constant recruiting team and collaboration with the stakeholders is vital for a strategic sourcing out for the required skilled profession like mechanical and chemical engineers, environmentalists and technical operators and implanters of the required facilities and means using one or two critical strategic processes and the handful of unique rules that guide them (D’Aveni, Dagnino & Smith, 2010). I therefore agree with Eisenhardt (2002) that, designing a structure for career advancement and training sessions for the employees will reduce the number of unskilled profession in the organization.


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