Owning Your Own Shadow - Book Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-07-27 06:31:14
Owning Your Own Shadow - Book Review Essay Sample
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Owning your own shadow is a book that was authored by Robert A. Johnson where he lays out a Jungian theory. The theory of the Shadow brings in a new dimension of clarity to the particular area. The persona describes the image in which any given individual wants to lay out for the world to see. He describes a person who is contained in the in the ego. The ego he describes is seen to absorb the data but with a positive nurturing for the person. Ego described protects the person personality and at the same time stores the material; it will then outlay the individual to the best of light.

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The shadow described in the book is a receptacle for the particular thought patterns and behaviors, ones which the society sees as unacceptable. The whole personality is not aware of a shadow, and also it is, hard for them to recognize it. On that note, the shadow does not go away and also the same data which is stored in it. There is a tendency of pushing unwanted information into the shadow and as more is pushed, the stronger and powerful it becomes.

Differences are the between the shadow and the ego especially when it comes a time when the shadow side has grown stronger, made by the data which has been stored in it. Civilization has enlightened people a lot regarding ignoring their dark thoughts where they now differentiate them by viewing them as evil and sinful and to some extent view them as the work of the devil. However, even with the ignorance the dark side still exists in full proportion. Therefore, people should deal with it; a person cannot be complete without the consideration of all elements of their personality. The recognition assists them in the balancing of the two sides.

An ideal state would be seen as residing on the fulcrum, that is the space within which exists between ego and also the shadow. In that space that is neutral, the personality side can access and asses each aspect of what it is comprised. Sheer genius cannot be arrived at without the possibility of taping at one time into shadow and at the same time using the benefits that are there from the buried treasures those which are comprised in it. Religion is a very good bridge that can bridge the gap. The word religion in the following work can be defined as the original meaning that is the "healing" and or "bonding" entity.

In the event where a person has had a connection with a constant connection to his or her shadow will eventually lead to a paradox, it is an existence where a person has a cognitive relationship that exists between the ego and shadow. That same individual can be seen to exist in a completely new reality where there is equanimity for both sides and for that matter no judgment is met between the two forces. However, in a diverse view of the same sentiment which is contradictory is that it is bad to lose and also, on the other hand, it is good to lose has been embraced by the mere term of a person who has reached the paradox level.

The Mandorla can be seen as the almond-shape centers that are there in the intersecting circles. The symbols that are there signify the unity and healing and can be used to strengthen one which is in a paradoxical form. Looking at the mandorla in a completely different form it can be used to symbolize a transformation and rebirth which has been seen to depart from the mundane duality that of the normal existence. In a time when the man has tried to perfect his paradoxical state also the two circles that are contained in the mandorla have merged and become one that which has now turned out to be of the highest existence and that which has drawn more closely to God. Behind our person, there is a certain disguise that people tend to put especially in the presence of other individuals to hide their true identity that is the type lie our ego and shadows portrays. The ego that can be seen as characteristics that are there for the real thing, which is very easy for them to display which is the best for the use of, in the society. People are constantly recognizing the presence of the ego and are aware of how to change it so that they can rhyme well with their specified cultures. The shadow is another level of our being which lays in our deep psyche, or rather the soul, people at times complete denies that it exists in within them. Even if people deny seeing it, everyone contains this shadow within them and is also very important the same as our ego. The shadow is developed in the early stages of our lives.

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