Pediatric Nurse - Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-03-04 23:09:18
Pediatric Nurse - Free Essay for Students
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Generally, a nurse provides hands-on care to patients with their physical needs; providing care to patients. They are also expected to address other needs that of patients, including spiritual, psychosocial, cultural and developmental needs. Further, a nurse is also a decision-maker in many ways. Nurses use their critical thinking skills set goals and enhance outcomes for the patients (Wood, Wettlaufer, Shaha & Lillis, 2010). These skills include assessing the patient, planning for and implementing the necessary interventions and evaluating the outcomes of these interventions through their clinical knowledge. Nurses understand that healthcare environment heavily depends on effective communication techniques. Lack of effective communication between the patient and the caregiver can have massive impacts on the healing process and that is why as a nurse should have these skills. Nurses are responsible for written or verbal communication with the stakeholders in the healthcare, which is an essential component of the continuity of the healthcare (Wood, Wettlaufer, Shaha & Lillis, 2010). Finally, nurses are the managers of care, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the care of the patient is cohesive. They coordinate with both professional and non-professionals to ensure that the health goals of the patients are met.

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However, my career goal is to become a pediatric nurse. A pediatric nurse is responsible for the provision of healthcare for children from birth up to their teenage years. Pediatric nurses work closely with the child and the family in addressing the fears, concerns, problems, and options of a child (Wood, Wettlaufer, Shaha & Lillis, 2010). However, one of the most important functions of a pediatric nurse is administering a shot to a child. Giving a child a shot requires patience and precision since the child may resist being administered the shot and it is important to ensure that the shot is given perfectly.

In case of children over the age of three years, make them feel as comfortable as possible; make them be in control. Let them choose the arm they want, their position and so on. This will eliminate fear. Also, do not lie to them about the shot when they arrive. Tell them the truth about the shot that it will hurt a little and that it is necessary that they get them. This will prepare them psychologically. Further, explain everything to them as it is happening (Fig.3) like rolling up the sleeve of their shirt, cleaning with a cold smelly soap and the likes. If you choose to give the shot in a count-to-three method, change in process and give the shot on two and inject on three. Their body will be expecting to feel pain on three and adrenaline will be pumping in their bodies, this works perfectly, especially to those who fear the needle (Wood, Wettlaufer, Shaha & Lillis, 2010). After taking the shot, heap the kid with lots of praises (Fig. 4) and tell them how brave they are. Also bribe them with stickers, lollipops or even silly bands to encourage them for every shot. For younger children than three, one can use a distraction (Fig.1) like squeezing their hands during or before a shot or sing for them. This distraction will make them happy and by the time they realize it, the shot has been taken.

By using these steps or techniques will ensure that shot is administered well for kids. They are techniques that make the work of pediatric nurses interesting and challenging at the same time. To further my career and become such a nurse is my goal.


Wood, C., Wettlaufer, J., Shaha, S., & Lillis, K. (2010). Nurse practitioner roles in pediatric emergency departments. Pediatric Emergency Care, 26(6), 406-407.

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