Essay Sample on Personal Beliefs of Nursing

Published: 2023-05-22
Essay Sample on Personal Beliefs of Nursing
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Despite all the variations in health care today, nursing still provides rich and diverse opportunities for those intending to pursue it as a career. The goal of this paper is to describe my values and beliefs about nursing practice. My definition of nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, curbing illness and injury, and advocacy in the care of people, families, communities, and populations (American Nurses Association, 2020). As a licensed nurse, my nursing values and professionalism are aligned with the concept of nursing philosophy. My core values and beliefs as a nurse are based on human dignity, social justice, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and trust (Shahriari et al., 2013). I always endeavor to preserve these values and beliefs in my thoughts when making personal choices and also when providing care to patients who are assigned to me.

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My inspiration to take nursing as a career and especially a focus in pediatrics stems out from the experiences of my close friend who developed some complications in the last trimester of her pregnancy. She was worried that there were slim chances that she would make out of the intensive care unit alive holding her child on her arms. The doctors had initially informed her that cases of major complications such as pre-eclampsia would require an emergency CS section to remove the baby but with a slim guarantee that either the child or mother will survive. However, during this fateful night, we rushed my friend to the hospital and the medical superintendent ordered an immediate CS since the patient was in her final term.

I waited with bated breath as my friend was being operated on by medical experts to save the baby and also her. However, on a positive note, both the baby and my friend survived the scare, despite the baby being 1.5 kg and not fully developed and my friend very weak. From that ordeal, I fell in love with the career of pediatric nursing care and decided to pursue it so that I may be able to lead in the frontline to ensure mothers can deliver safely, and guide them on their postpartum period.

Nursing as a Career

A nursing career would be ideal for me since I am currently single, and willing to enroll in a medical school full-time basis. According to me, nursing is all about providing compassion and trying to help others by easing the pain and bringing joy to their face. I am a humble, diligent, and keen to detail; these elements help me to put the interests of the patient first, promote advocacy in society through promoting the need of breastfeeding for infant growth and development, and also remain professional in all my undertakings.

My professional goals as a pediatric nurse would first include providing excellent infant-centered care, advocating for the need for mothers coming from vulnerable communities to enroll in health care covers that would enable them to get access to quality and specialized care in case of any complications. I have the desire to help young mothers to deliver safely, therefore, as part of my professional goals, I will ensure the delivery of monthly mobile clinics that will help mothers who are not able to go for screenings and pre-term care due to financial constraints. Like all other nurses, I also have a professional goal of furthering my education to augment the knowledge of pedagogy and the evolution of medical techniques that will improve better delivery of primary care to infants.

The following roles and responsibilities will help to advance the profession of nursing. Nurses need to develop an interpersonal or communication process that enhances innovation and advanced problem solving among individuals who have different skill sets, or organization ranks. The other role for a nurse should be to advocate and provide quality care for all infants of all cultural and religious backgrounds and back them through health and illness.

The other roles that will advance the profession of nursing will include; educating patients on disease management, provide care, and advice to mothers of these kids, and collaborate with the other medical staff to plan for patient care (Smith, 2019). The only way that nurses can ensure they provide safe and effective care is through performing the right diagnostic tests, administering medication and treatment correctly, and following up with the patient to ensure they follow the prescription precisely (Smith, 2019). Finally, the academic preparation will be able to enhance my positive contributions to the health care system by ensuring they partner with the local community members to provide free training to mothers on how to take care of themselves during the gestation period.


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