Free Essay. Pros for the Sale of Products by Companies to Disposable Income People

Published: 2023-04-03
Free Essay. Pros for the Sale of Products by Companies to Disposable Income People
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The community carries all categories of people ranging from upper class to lower class. In a society, upper-class people refer to those who earn enough income. Such people have proper living conditions. The middle-class category earns average income and lives average lives. The disadvantaged group of people in society is the lower class people. They hardly receive what they want. Their income is disposable income, which refers to earning little income that only supports their basic requirements and hardly makes investments.

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I oppose the idea that a company is exploiting people with little disposable income by gaining of profits from the sale of products such as personal computers, soaps, ice cream, and shampoo. My argument for supporting companies' profits from the sales of their products to their consumers is the benefits gained from such products. I would, therefore, focus on opposing the exploitation of a company the people with little disposable income because of the benefits that people with disposable income get from the purchases.

Companies that sell products such as soaps have brought a lot of benefits to people with little disposable income. Firstly, the use of soap for hand washing has helped to prevent the spread of diseases such as diarrhea. This is because people use soap to wash their hands before taking their food. The soaps have, therefore, assisted in the killing of germs that are present on hands before cleaning. Clean hands enable people with disposable income to live healthier life, thus increasing their life span.

Also, companies do not exploit people with disposable income because most of them are targeting to reach out to their consumers in an easier way. They have done this by providing a chance for all people to get access to communication regardless of the place where they live. Most of the companies have come up with cell phones such as Motorola. They sell their products at a lower price so as to enable their users to afford it. Such cellphones are energy savers since they have the ability to preserve energy for a longer period of time, thus saving on the cost of recharging them. Most of the individuals with disposable income do live in rural areas, and some have not connect electricity to their homes. The energy-saving cell phones sold by these companies at lower prices favor this category of people.

Additionally, the sale of products at a lower price has improved the residential status of disposable income people. The products, such as Cemex, are sold by the company to the people at lower prices. Companies have, therefore, enable lower-income people to build their houses by spending fewer expenses when purchasing the requirements for the building. Also, companies have brought a lot of benefits to their consumers by encouraging them to pay the deposit on the products they need. This is because people are given chances to order the building materials upon a given period of time.

In summary, I am pro for the idea that companies are making profits with the sale of products to people with disposable income in society because of the numerous benefits that both are receiving. With the understanding of their level of income, the companies produce products that are affordable for disposable income people. With the production of such products, they thus realize more sales, thus equating to their profits.

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