Response Essay on the Presentation Why Diversity Is Upside Down

Published: 2022-09-12
Response Essay on the Presentation Why Diversity Is Upside Down
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In this well-juxtaposed presentation, the presenter makes compelling arguments that diversity, as a word, has indeed run its course because it is about time it started being put into action. This is considering that, like everything else in the modern world, diversity appears to be inverted upside down to suit the narrative of different backgrounds. The financial system is booming for some while others are experiencing the pinch brought about by the economic recession of the 2008 financial crisis. Healthcare is undergoing changes with the introduction of affordable insurance schemes yet no one knows the exact cost structure of the same. Technology is rapidly improving yet it presents an ethical dilemma when it comes to robotics and artificial intelligence. The manufacturing sector is booming thanks to globalization yet it brings with it rampant pollution. The same can also be said of economic superpowers where countries previously regarded as third world nations are performing well economically while pulling millions of people out of extreme poverty (Tapia, Nov 17, 2013). This response wholly concurs with the sentiments expressed by the presenter in the short video of how diversity, just like these other issues around the world, is upside down.

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There are various competing forces that prove diversity is just a word and not an action in itself. One of them can be seen through the young people and the old people. While young people are tech savvy and would make perfect employees, it is the old people who have an experienced grasp on pivotal matters like economics and politics. The same can be said in the context of millennial and baby boomers. Each of these groups has advantages that come out as limitations to the other. This contrast is also seen in the public where the minority communities re now being touted as the majority as is the case with the Latino population that has become a swing vote in elections. Most courses and emerging careers are being taken by women yet it is the same women who have no access to equal opportunities in promotion and remuneration. People who were previously deemed to be disabled are now perceived as being differently abed for specific jobs. Even the gay community, which was previously being admonished, is now accepted in the mainstream society yet equality in their rights remains a talking point.

Given these realities, therefore, it is only fair that diversity ceased to be just a word and be transformed into action. While people are different in their sexuality, gender, religion, culture, race, and ethnicity; there needs to be inclusion where none of them feels left out due to one reason or the other (Tapia, Nov 17, 2013). The secrets lies in making our differences work together instead of just acknowledging that there are differences that exist between us as people. Diversity should be a powerful tool to foster our togetherness only if it is managed properly in a multidimensional way. Multi-dimension diversity stems from the fact that one could be a minority in their sexuality, gender, religion, culture, race, and/or ethnicity. Diversity that is properly managed should be a source of skill and not attitude because two heads are better than one. It is up to us as a people to recognize that diversity is about me, about you, about them, and about all of us. We need to identify our differences and similarities and blend them to make them work for us. This is because it is not enough to recognize the word diversity without acting on it.


Tapia, A. (Speaker). (Nov 17, 2013). Why diversity is upside down [Youtube Video].

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