Revision, Editing, and Proofreading, Free Essay on Writing

Published: 2022-08-30
Revision, Editing, and Proofreading, Free Essay on Writing
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Every type of writing involves methods of improvement. When a novelist writes a book, they take it through a professional editor, who will note corrections and changes that are required to perfect it for the readers to be satisfied with the content. When a blogger works on a post, they have to go through it before making a final publication to be posted. Similarly, in school work, it is essential to go through our work, revise, proofread and edit before submitting to the professors for marking.

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In my last response essay to 'The Audacity of Voice,' I got help from the writing center on proofreading my work,and the feedback was quite helpful. I realized that editing my essay after writing, prepares the material more efficiently for the reader and my grades also depend on these efforts. With the feedback on grammatical errors, I realized that the if any sentence sounds weird from a logical perspective, and then it is probably incorrect. I intend to make use of Grammarly as suggested by the writing center to run spellchecks and grammar checks when proofreading my work. Even though the content could be relevant, the appearance of a write up affects how it is going to be judged by the readers. Hence it is worth paying attention to the details which help in generating a positive impression. The editing and proofreading strategies that I had been using before were not entirely sufficient. I used to commit a few minutes to proofread, with the hope of catching any apparent mistakes from my essays. But then I realized a quick reading, particularly after putting in a lot of effort in a paper, usually misses a lot. It is preferable to have a definite plan which will help in systematically searching for certain types of writing errors.

From the feedback, I realized that in the revision process especially the proofreading and editing part of my articles in college and at the workplace in future I will need to check the structural element of the report. This revision process will entail making sure the proofreading step focuses on the structure, while the editing stage focuses on the essence. When editing, I have to be concerned with the uniqueness of my work, plagiarism, message transparency, and logical flow. While proofreading, the focus is on syntax structure, punctuation, and grammar.

Revision gives new life to a piece of writing. The first would involve going through the draft and reorganizing supporting ideas and main ideas so that they are strategized in a manner which is understandable to the reader. The topic needs to be original, the essay should always have an introduction, body, and conclusion, have a sensible flow between the paragraphs and identify the thesis statement. Finally, I have to make sure that no questions are left out and follow the required formatting style in the in-text citations and the bibliography list.

Editing is not easy, it requires a lot of time and effort, but the fact is that it is an inevitable stage of the creative writing process. The editing part comes first since it would not make sense if I had to correct something which is not going to be the final version of my paper. Proofreading is entirely necessary even if the writing is done by a professional. Revising an article may require re-drafting the introduction and checking the conclusion to figure out what needs to be brought up to the body of the paper.

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