Safety at Workplace Essay Sample

Published: 2019-05-16
Safety at Workplace Essay Sample
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Safety is a way of being secure without any danger of being harmed in terms of financial situation molestation in the workplace or even being attacked. It is a way of being secure against the things that are known. Safety at workplace is very essential to every individual. It makes one to feel secure which in return leads to productivity. Safety is very essential its a way of care of the people at work and also respect to their health and welfare. Safety is essential and very crucial in industries. They need to be a good place for work.

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Some industries are ford of emanating harmful substances which are poisonous to the people working around while others poor working conditions, heat as well as load work which need to be done. In any industry no matter the value of the job, it is not important than the person who is doing it. If the job is a threat to the person doing it, it is better for that job not be done or a proper route should be implemented for it to be done. In every work proper methods are to be put in place to ensure that they are followed to the root by the workers

Industries need to be doing follow-ups to ensure that all workers are in good condition and where they live is safe and conducive. Where there is a problem, it needs to be resolved faster. Protective equipment should be given to workers to protect them while working. If some of the equipment have been worn out they should be replaced immediately for safety of the workers.

Industries need to come up with safety rules for workers to be familiar to them. If for example its a chemical manufacturing industry, the procedures of safety are put lace. In case of fire break up, there should be a way for escape. The managements need to ensure that these rules are followed to the end and anyone breaking them needs to be punished to offer an example to others. The rules also have to be assigned to specific people within the industry whom can be countable to them.

New workers have to be trained and given time to be familiar with the new working environment. They also need to be given some time before they handle any equipment. They must feel that they are safe and secure to start their new work safely. There is also a need for them to sign and be countable for their actions. The new employees have to clearly understand the immediate dangers that might come while working in their work and the immediate actions which they must take. Workers who are handling equipment need to be accounted for them. For example a given machine should be assigned to an individual who works with it. This will ensure that the person is much familiar with the machine.

The equipment that workers are using must of shape to avoid injury during work. Some machines need to be replaced every now and then and it is the duty of the management to ensure that this is adhered to. Every worker in every industry has to be trained how to handle equipment for safety. These equipment include how to use fire extinguishers, how to ring alarm bell and are aware where they are located, how to open water pipes in case of fire, how to switch lights from the main valve in case the power is misbehaving. All these will ensure that workers feel safe and are prepared in case of anything. In case workers are working in chemical industries, there is a need of massive training on these chemicals for safety purposes.

Employees need to be responsible for their workers industries. They must ensure that all rules and regulations are put in place. They need to ensure that every worker has attended the work and in this they need to report to him every day on their performance. Any worker who feels that the working environment is unsafe for everybody he or she needs to report the matter to the relevant authority so that proper measures are taken. All employers in industries have to work in a responsible and in a professional manner. Workers do not need to be mistreated. They have to be taken care of.

Many injuries are encountered in industries. In a given industry there should be a clinic where workers who get injured are taken faster for a first aid and also for medication. These injuries also need to be checked to find out the cause of them and proper risk management to be put in place to avoid it from happening again. In case a property has been damaged the responsible people should be informed so as they can investigate or repair it in case there is the need for the same. Workers have to wear protective clothes while working. These will ensure that workers are safe in their environment. This also will ensure that workers are easily observed and accessed while working.

In case it is a warehouse industry, stronger hats need to be worn to protect workers in case of a heavy a material fall on their heads. Workers also need to put on eye protective for this case some iron materials might get in their eyes. They also have to put ear protectors in case the industry produces a lot of noise. This will help them and keep them safe noise hence preventing them from being deaf. Workers who work in chemical industries have to be provided with respirators to help them not inhale any poisonous gas.

For effective work, all rules that have been put in place should be adhered to the point. Some of the rules that are common in many industries are: no worker should drink or smoke in any premises of the industry, before working protective clothes must be put on, all working tools must be properly used and put in good condition after work for it to last for long, all workers are not allowed to use naked wires in the premises and proper procedure must be allowed while handling gases in the industry. These rules will help for a good and conducive environment for work and workers will enjoy their safety to good productivity in the industries. In this industries need to put in place leaders of safety to make sure that each and every procedure is followed to the end and to punish anybody violating these set rules and procedures or heavy punishment imposed to them.

Good pay should be given to workers. This will motivate them to work harder. It is also their right to be given their pay after work. Workers need not to be exploited at their work place by their bosses. Some demand to sleep with someone so that they can increase their salary. These employers need to be reported to the relevant authority to ensure that workers are not exploited.

Some workers need to be given a break either because they are pregnant or an issue have come up which require them to be out for some time. Their issue need to be looked at in general and given the break. Human being is not a machine but need time to relax and have a social life too. Many workers lose their lives in industries. Hence there workers health should be covered. In this there is a need for medical cover, retirement cover and in case of death the family of the worker should be taken care of by the management.

Machines also must be fenced in industries. Some machines are very dangerous even coming close to them. Also other machines while running may cause accidents. Hence workers need to be protected against these machines.

In conclusion safety in workplace is very important for workers. It helps them to be secure and work knowing that they are safe. Also its through safety that workers enjoy their work and at the end there is good productivity. There is need to keep and maintain safety in our workplace both for the workers, employees and even for the clients

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