Search Paper Sample: Information Technology in Healthcare

Published: 2022-02-28
Search Paper Sample: Information Technology in Healthcare
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The central question that keeps on rising is what role does information technology play in the healthcare setup. More so when it comes to improving the general performance of health care, I know that with the recent technological development and the general globalization, most hospital and health care centers are currently adopting the information technology in managing some of the healthcare performance. So how can most healthcare setup, that's involving nurses, clinical health officers, subordinate staffs, doctors and general management take advantage of information technology to improve healthcare? Efficiency has been experienced through nurses and doctors learning and interacting with computer and various information technology applications in managing health. Howe ever, in the process of adopting information technology in the health setup some of the challenges and dangers have been realized in the process. How can some of the difficulties be solved and how can nurses and health workers avoid getting into such mistakes. I realized that for effective adoption of technology in the healthcare set up serious training and various levels of experience and knowledge should be in place about the computer. This basically, can be an excellent challenge for nurses and healthcare staff to adapt to incorporate in handling their daily routines in an organization.

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I believe the knowledge of information system in the department of health is seriously efficient and can be used in improving efficiency and quality of service being offered in the process. Even though information technology can be essential in healthcare set up, I assume that the cost of adopting the whole process is quite expensive and proper planning should be incorporated. I also assume that health care staffs need to be trained to promote efficiency. I assume that there exist various approaches in which information technology can be introduced in the healthcare set up. What process should be followed in adopting information system in a health care set up? Critical thinking through deductive and inductive reasoning, synthesizing, analyzing and application of information to the context of managing health is important when it comes to incorporating technology in the process.


Before conducting my search, I developed great curiosity as to the reason why information technology was not one hundred percent embraced in the healthcare setup. According to Wager, Lee,& Glaser,(2017), electronic health record is recognized as one of the most significant achievements of information technology in the domain of health care, and in the case, electronic health care is adopted efficiently then the yield will end up achieving great results. This gave me the great desire to further realize the value in which information technology has on health care set up.

In searching the answers, the general focus came from resources that were achieved from the internet. Making use of Google search engine, I focused on inquiring information by expanding on the (-Ortiz Hernandez Perez & Saigi-Rubio, 2017) article. This, in the long run, generated a greater motivation that led to identifying a similar topic on the online platform to gain some insight on the efficiency of information technology in healthcare, more so in the record management.

Ideally, some of the search engine inquiry that I adopted included health science, "information technology in healthcare," health record, electronic health record and technology management. Some of the additional inquiry words that I was able to use include adoption, cons, and prons of adopting health technology. I made the focus on the cons and the pros of utilizing information technology, which provided an opportunity to evaluate information which is concerning my topic. On the other hand, my intention worked on building the knowledge base on information technology and its impact on health set up. Before making an affirmative stand in the direction that involves using them in various health facility when I became a nurse. My search gave me a platform to choose from multiple articles on cons and the pros of information technology in the healthcare set up. However, the result that came out was that the sources of these articles showed a great variation, coming from nurses, professors, national and local newspaper writers, doctors and the healthcare management.

Understanding that Dr.Pesone & Pasanen,(2017), website is equipped with various computer resources, for nurses and doctors in the healthcare facilities. I decided to conduct a further search and perform a more significant investigation on the website with the title "Health Technology at California State University," through this website, both teachers, doctors, and even researchers are capable of gaining great resources on the internet. Also though few websites on health technology currently exist, the fact is the fact is that they provide better information for improving electronic health record and having a greater impact in proving knowledge on better means in which technology can be adopted in the healthcare. Dr. Pesonen, & Pasanen, (2017) also provide a course on how nurses and doctors can embrace technology in health care. Through some lessons in the website, it offers information to nurses on how they can come up with a computerized subscription, manage health records and how nurses can manage their computerized lesson and share their communication with patients.

On the other hand, some of my search for embracing health technology to nurses and doctors led to some of the famous health organization websites. The search gave me a direction to some of the health education presentations that involved planning through the use of presentation. In getting to make general science lectures somehow interesting by incorporating CSUN for candidates who are interested in learning health technology.

Some of the various searches that involved the impact of embracing health technology includes directed me to some of the significant health organization websites. Ideally, through this search, It was able to directed to electronic health record management by the use of computers. Basically in searching, one of the most websites that were applicable includes www. Through this website, the fact is that the site offers some of the tutorials that can be beneficial to doctors, human resource managers, and nurses.

In the western countries, there has been a significant demand in healthcare systems due to the increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases, limitation of funding that is fueled by the recent recession and the general aging of the population. The fact, in this case, is that technology and computer are playing an important role when it comes to improving the healthcare system efficiency and the general care that is offered to patients. To achieve the objective of this paper, terms like E-health will be adopted to refer to the health service and the general information delivered or even enhanced through the related technologies and internet in general.

In the current development, technology has played a significant role in changing the means in which health organization is operating. However, the role it's playing in healthcare systems has in the past stayed unclear. The various studies has hence evaluated the physician's opinions regarding issues to deal with e-health and coming up with some of the factors that are capable of influencing their opinions and bringing out a description on the inconveniences, the advantages, and threats that might have risen due to their use. Through E-health, one is allowed to get access to health resources and healthcare by using electronic means. It offers a great platform by providing an opportunity to improve health care quality and preserve a more cost-effective approach and most likely allow health care services create an invention to make them capable of adapting to technological changes.

Considering various health technology cons and pros articles, what came out clear was that the article Larry Cuban's on "The Cons and Pros of embracing health technology in hospitals", was one of the famous articles with great information that raised discussions on some of the issues that has led to mismanagement and misinformation that exist in health technology. Generally, according to various argument rose by Cuban, it is important to note that health technology is not the only solution to solving some of the rising challenges in the healthcare setup. His ideas still focus on traditional means of collecting data and embracing paper work in taking care of patients health records , he supports his idea since he views the computer technology as one of the a complicated problem that takes time to embrace. However, the argument s raised by Cuban cannot stop us from embracing health technology in hospitals; this is because with the current globalization and the world's development, there are various reasons as to why we are not supposed to ignore technology. On the other hand, other researchers have also raised the argument that computer based and simulations models have been identified as some of the powerful resources for application of sciences in ensuring success.

The bottom line

In hospital set up, some of the key players include nurses, clinical officers, and doctors. These key plays are integral in linking application of technology in a health care set up. According to Cuban, it is important to note that wide-scale neglect health professionals are experiencing support for the adoption of an effective health technology setup (Andargoli, Rajendran, & Sohal, 2017). On the other hand, Cuban demonstrates that the significance associated with technology is the argument on hand on learning, face to face encounters arguing that efficiency is adopted by adopting technology in health set up. However good training is essential.

According to Mwachofi & Al-Assaf, (2011) technology management in the health setup has resulted to a more view, with private healthcare system avoiding excessive workload by working very hard to embrace technology. However, for effective management of technology incentive are required to ensure efficiency since professionals are demanded enough technological teams and adequate training to equip the health care professional team to improve their technical skills.

On the other hand, authors like Webster,(2006), demonstrates that patient preference is a great challenge in embracing technology in that disassociation between the professional and the personal use of new technologies might initially seem paradoxical hence showing the level at which technology has gotten into the private life.

Another resource that I found to be resourceful includes (Barrett, 2017), through this article, it is demonstrated that there are great doubt and assumptions on how the health technology play an important role in achieving great profit. Through the improvement through efficiency and timely processing of information their great evidence that effective use of health technology in the keeping of records plays an essential role in achieving significantly.

For handling data quality and making sure that communication is increased, it is important to note that technology plays a significant role in making sure that information is shared between various healthcare units to reduce the time spent in moving from one point to another. Health technology identifies that with the capability of addressing public health and the great population associated with it, electronic health record plays a significant role in decision making, the creation of health policies and making sure that lifestyle is adequately promoted. According to...

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