Text Analysis of Hamlet by William Shakespeare: Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-13
Text Analysis of Hamlet by William Shakespeare: Essay Sample
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Hamlet, written in 1606, is one of the most brilliant creatures of Shakespeare. Under rotten medieval Denmark was implied England XVI century, when the bourgeoisie was starting to replace feudalism, destroying the old concepts of honor, justice, debt. Humanists, who were opposed to feudal oppression of the person and believed in the possibility of liberation from all oppression, are now convinced that the bourgeois way of life does not bear the desired liberation, but infects people with new disabilities, creates greed, hypocrisy and lies. With amazing depth dramatist discloses the condition of people, that endure the break-up of old and the formation of new, but absolutely imperfect life forms, demonstrates how they perceive frustration. In the famous play "Hamlet" Shakespeare reflected the tragedy of humanism in contemporary England. In order not to cause attacks of government, Shakespeare brings the scene of his play in Denmark, to the Kingdom of Elsinore. Shakespeare reworked the story of the Old English play about Prince Hamlet. But in his play author put complex issues of our time, and tried to solve them. Hamlet - Prince of Denmark - a wonderful image of a humanist, who was faced with a hostile world of medieval thinking. The perfidious murder of Hamlet's father reveals to all the evils reigning in the country. The duty to avenge the king turns for the prince in public debt, a large and difficult task. Hamlet feels successor of a throne, who must bring order in the kingdom: "The age of the crank, and the abominable, just that I was born to restore it!" However, in the fight against the enemies Hamlet hesitates, sometimes violently reproaching himself for inactivity. In the old critique was widespread false view of Hamlet as a weak-willed person, a thinker and a contemplator, unable to act. But Hamlet as an enlightened man and humanist, firstly wants to make sure of the guilt of his uncle Claudius, and then avenge. Hamlet returned from Wittenberg University, hes passionate are art, theater and writing poetry. Shakespeare puts his mouth deep thought about realism in art. In Hamlet illustrated strong force of feelings, which distinguishes men of the Renaissance. He dearly loves his father, whose death with shameful mother's marriage makes him infinite pain and anger. Hamlet loves Ophelia, but disappointed in her. His cruelty and offensive words in dealing with the girl show the strength of his love and disappointment. Prince is noble and comes from high humanistic ideas about man. In the first time, he sees in people only good traits. Exactly from this we can see his bilious anger when he confronted with the world of lies and wickedness. Hamlet is capable of great and true friendship. He was alien to feudal prejudices. He values people on their personal qualities, rather than the position they occupy. His only friend is a poor student Horatio. Hamlet contempt of court, courtiers, but friendly and happily greets people in the arts - the poor actors. Hamlet loves people. King Claudius anxiously said this. Hamlet is inherent to the willpower, the ability to get involved in the struggle, as is characteristic of the people of the Renaissance. Having solved the idea of their enemies, he tells his mother that he agrees to fight with them. His quotes are very resolute. Hamlet is capable of brave deeds. On the ship, where he was being taken to England to his death, he was invented a way to be saved and sent instead to the execution of the traitors with the lightning fast ingenuity. Hamlet - the person of philosophical thought. In certain facts he can see the expression of a large common phenomenon. As a result of deep reflection, he came to a grim conclusion. He calls the world "violent garden mushrooming just wild and evil seed." Prince says that "Denmark - prison, and the whole world - a prison." In his famous monologue "To be or not to be" Hamlet expresses doubts about the value of life itself, it lists the various disasters of human, draws the morals of society, where reign oppression and injustice. Tragedy of Hamlet is that he was alone. He cannot resist the system in which the top is the relationship of anger and hatred. Hamlet is far ahead of his time. The issues that are raised in the play, has not yet been solved by humanity. Shakespeare retains its relevance and sharpness in our days. It comes with success on the stages of the best theaters in the world.

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