The Crisis Deepens: World War II, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-02-24
The Crisis Deepens: World War II, Free Essay Sample
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World War II in Europe was the Adolf Hitler war though other countries made it possible by failing to resist his ideologies. Besides, his desire to conquer a new living space and the desire to remove the "cancer of democracy" led to war. The following are some of the themes present during the unfolding of World War II events and how such relate to the present world.

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Totalitarian Dictatorship

World War II was primarily influenced by Germany's ambitions in Europe and those of Japan in Asia in the late 1930s when Hitler was consolidating power. The totalitarian regimes that existed during WWII were the Empire of Japan, Nazi Germany, and Fascist in Italy. These governments ruled with unrestricted power, denied their people political freedom, and used violence in maintaining control. Under totalitarianism, leaders could pursue militant objectives without disapproval in their own countries. Ultimately, the hostility resulting from totalitarian regimes led to the rise of war. Dictatorship, for instance, is common in the Middle East and African countries, Sub-Sahara Africa, and some parts of Europe and Asia. The dictatorial acts result in mass rioting against the dictatorship. In some states, there has been a war where leaders do not respect the will of their citizens.

Paths to war

WWII was mainly caused by countries' ideologies that made them act violently to achieve what they wanted. The article will explore the primary causes of WWII and the actual arrangements undertaken by Japan and Nazi Germany that led to war. The prevailing war had its origin in the thoughts of Adolf Hitler's views that Aryans were proficient in structuring a boundless civilization. At the time when Hitler was consolidating power, other countries realized that they had to stop him. The Invasion of Poland by the Hitler army prompted both France and Britain to declare war against Germany. Also, Japan's desire to seizure and control China territories led to war in Asia, which forced the US to rally against it. Besides, expansionism, anti-communism, the treaty of Versailles, and the letdown by the league of nations were the long-term reasons for world war II (Duiker & Spielvogel, 2012). Causes of war among countries in the present times vary; however, most common fights have risen due to conflict for natural resources, the dispute over boundaries, among others.


Hitler and Stalin signed the Soviet Nonaggression pact guaranteed him that he would have soviet assistance in the incoming war. In 1939 September, Hitler invaded Poland; this, however, meant war due to the previous agreement by France and Britain to offer support to Poland in case Germany invaded (Duiker & Spielvogel, 2012). The invasion of Poland led to France and Britain declaring war on German, which led to World War II, considering that Germany had the help of the Soviet Union. While Britain was battling Germany in Europe, the US was left to deal with Japan's aggression, which included engaging china in the ongoing war. In recent years, the desire to conquer and gain control parts has resulted in conflict among nations. The continued tension between countries and the consequences of such unresolved tension often has resulted in war.

Death and Destruction

Death and destruction characterized the war. Apparently, after the end of WWII, the aftermath of the war was destruction among the combatant nations. At least more than 40 million civilians died while more than 20 million soldiers were confirmed dead. Besides, more than 30 million in Europe who survived the war were left homeless after war expelled them from their homes after Cities in China, Japan, the Philippines, and Germany were destroyed during the air raids (Duiker & Spielvogel, 2012). Death and destruction can also be related to the present times among the warring nation. In most cases, what remained after the war is deaths, homelessness, and destruction of structures in cities and other places.


Duiker, W. J., & Spielvogel, J. J. (2012). The Essential World History, Volume II: Since 1500. Nelson Education.

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