Paper Example: The Issue of Communication in the Family

Published: 2023-05-18
Paper Example: The Issue of Communication in the Family
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General purpose: To share the issue of communication in the family with the audience.
Specific objective: Upon completion of my speech, the audience will be able to appreciate communication in families according to various setups of family.

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Thesis: It is paramount to communicate with all the members of the family because they are the diversity we have and will enable us to live together and understand one another.


Attention Getter. It is widely accepted that "blood is thicker than water," meaning that the bonds of family members are more robust than the relationship with other people, including friends.

Relate to the Audience. I know for a fact that we have people in our families with whom we relate intimately that we can share anything with them, however dire the situation it may be.

Thesis. However, it is paramount to communicate with all the members of the family circle. Family is the diversity we have that enables us to live amicably


The concept of communication in families is as old as humanity. But how do we communicate in our families? What are the things we do to pass a point? We gift, we send letters, we offer our time, we are of service, and we touch those we love (Chapman).

Communication is impacted by the diversity of family, which is critical during conversations. The diversities are:

  • Diversity in the family setup
  • Diversity of the family goals
  • Family norms, and

Commitment paths are diverse (Wood)Marriage is a primary aspect of family, and therefore communication is at the center of it. However, different forms of marriage impact conversations. These forms are:

  • Traditional, where partners rely on each other in daily activity
  • Independent are families with reserved interest and less conventional, and
  • Separate couples are characterized by autonomy with plenty of space for each other.

Furthermore, families have various classes that significantly impact conversational orientation. And it can be consensual, pluralistic, or laissez-faire families.

It is worth noting the steps and procedures for effective communication in families as follows:

  • Equity. The communication protocol is based on the understanding that each partner is responsible for the growth as they also benefit from the same family. Fairness is the key.
  • Social-exchange theory. This factor emphasizes the economic cost and expenses of a family. Thus the effectiveness of communication is based on economic evaluation.


To wrap it up

Summary. Marriage is an essential institution and a foundation of the family. However, the forms that our families are made of, conversations are made every moment. The kind of family that people desire is created by all the members either knowingly or unknowingly. Communication is a tool for family evolution.

Close with impact. Therefore, each one of us is a building block for the family. One broken block and the whole building is down!


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