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Some of us had a happy childhood, and others didn’t. And while we’ve all gone through different experiences, writing an essay on childhood is often a challenge regardless of your past. It can be difficult to dredge up the unpleasant memories and awkward moments, and even victories can turn bittersweet in hindsight. So it’s no surprise that so many students come to SpeedyPaper looking for help with these seemingly easy assignments. And we’re happy to oblige with a variety of options. It’s up to you to choose the best one to fit your deadlines and budget.

The database full of childhood essay examples is our most valuable resource. Here you can find reflective and persuasive papers, research papers, and narrative pieces on all things childhood-related. You can skim the examples online or get them delivered to your inbox. From there, feel free to tear them apart and build an essay on childhood of your own. Look for attention-grabbing topics, clever narrative devices, smart transitions, and good ideas. You may also find useful sources in the reference sections if you’re writing a research paper or an argumentative essay.

But could you turn in the childhood essay example you like for grading? That’s the one thing we ask you not to do for your own safety. Most entries in our collection were written and uploaded by your fellow students, and they’d already gotten their grades. There’s also a good chance most of these pieces went through a plagiarism checker. So if you submit a sample under your name, you could get into trouble with your professor if they run a plag check. Suspension and a failed class aren’t worth the risk.

If you’re desperate to submit the paper on time, take an hour or two to paraphrase one of our childhood essay examples. Mix and match a couple of samples to make your paper even better. It won’t get you the top grade, but a rewrite will protect you from plagiarism accusations and keep your school record clean. 

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