Essay Sample on the Movie True Cost

Published: 2023-02-27
Essay Sample on the Movie True Cost
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The movie True Cost exposes the bitter truth behind the retail business of fast fashion. It reveals that clothes worn in the fast fashion industry are produced at a high cost. Besides, the movie dwells on the people who prepare low-quality garments, and the effects of the fast fashion industry on the environment ("The True Cost," n.d.). Thus, it highlights the human and social costs of the sector. The director includes several scenarios and scenes to show how people suffer trying to make a difference. The movie portrays the current fast fashion industry as profit-oriented. The industry does not put into consideration on the cost that comes with its prosperity. Millions of garment workers are facing numerous problems associated with working in deplorable conditions. The failure by some countries to enforce wage and labor laws has made fast fashion brand walk away with impunity while keeping their hands clean.

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The True Cost movie gives a clear picture of the events of the tragedy in Bangladesh. On the 24th day of April 2013, a building known as Rana Plaza collapsed, destroying a lot of businesses. The factory housed more than five garment factories. The tragedy led to the death of more than 1100 people ("The True Cost," n.d.). Thousands of factory employees were also injured during the event. The film portrays human rights violations that happen in sweatshops. The director interviews some of the workers in the garment factories. Through the interactions, the employees reveal that human rights violations are widespread in sweatshops. Most of the interviewees gave an account of their lives, and the challenges they have encountered in the business ("The True Cost," n.d.). Most of the interviewees cannot control their tears when they narrate what they go through in trying to make a difference.

The fast fashion industry poses a great danger to the environment, as depicted in the movie. Some scenes in the film genuinely manifest how the fast fashion industry is destroying the environment. Workers are seen working in areas covered by polluted water within the factory. The chemicals used contain toxic components, which pollute the environment ("The True Cost," n.d.). Textile dyeing is conventional in the fashion industry and is a crucial cause of environmental pollution. Besides, polyester is a standard fabric used for fashion in the garment industry. When polyester garments are washed, they shed micro-fibers that increase plastic in the oceans to alarming levels("The True Cost," n.d.). In addition, micro-fibers are tiny, and thus, they do not biodegrade quickly, thus posing harm to the environment.

Fast fashion derives its name from the rate at which firms can make clothes for big stores. In the fast-fashion field, garments are produced at a quicker pace, and thus, most crucial issues like labor and environmental laws are overlooked. The fast fashion industry tries to copy current luxury fashion trends. In the slow fashion industry, garment factories adhere to labor and environment laws. They enact strategies to ensure that garments are not produced at the human and environmental costs. Slow fashion design recognizes the impact of the wrong disposal of garments to the surrounding, and thus, they put in place measures to minimize pollution. Slow fashion clothing firms practice ethical manufacturing to ensure their employees are in a safe working environment. They also pay their employees better salaries and have put in place measures to ensure zero tolerance for human rights violations.


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