Free Essay on the Significance of Sexual Education to Young Adults

Published: 2022-06-20
Free Essay on the Significance of Sexual Education to Young Adults
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It is evident that a large group of parents cannot even dare mention the word sex with their siblings. They say that it is lack of discipline, but for sure failing to involve them in such sensitive matters is what I call Indiscipline. Sexual discussions should be a reflex action to parents counseling their young ones; counseling does not necessarily involve telling them to abstain because this is a repeated mistake done. One should break down everything to him or her you can tell him or her to abstain, but the final decision is his, so stop placing the cart before the horse. The purpose of this research work is to figure out how sex education can be of importance for teens in maintaining healthy sexual relationships (Ciccarelli & White, 2016).

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Some topics are addressed when offering sex education, they include;

Engaging Healthy Sexual Communication

Communication is very vital when it comes to sexual education; one should be ready to participate and learn both effects and solutions of certain occurrences. One should have an idea about sexually transmitted infections, how to identify them and prevent each of them. This is the perfect time for addressing experiences and encounters; everyone should pay close attention to this affair because sharing a problem is helping solve it (Chu 170).

Peer Influences

Peers include the predisposing factors that influence you in sexual activities they include: Technology- the media do affect the psychology of teens, the fancy relationship films that they watch draw them to sexual behaviors. Secondly, Friends- these can be the first persons to draw you into this, every teenager will do anything to fit in a particular group this is where the habit emanates. There is also Own personal morality- some teenagers do have a conceptual feeling that sexual affairs are not wrong which is true but do they have the credentials, which is the right knowledge (Pugsley 135).

Sustaining a Healthy Relationship

Relationships significantly influence one's health conditions; this works out well with having discussions on how to carry out your sexual desires. According to Grossman (743), this involves using the right "working tools' these are the contraceptives, to prevent pregnancies and STIs. Regular health Checkups can back up a healthy relationship too, the issue of maintaining a single partner in a relationship matters greatly. One partner minimizes the risk of contracting diseases in the process.

Healthy Decision Making

Espada (35) argues that, although making decisions is personal, teaching one to make straight decisions during tough times is equally important. For instance, having your sex partner with you and you have erotic foreplay, but when the act is about to begin you happen to notice that no one of you has a condom. What will be the decision you both make? Jump out of the scenario or imagine you have them and continue.

Numerous ways can instill to tame teens on sexual affairs, but sexual education outdoes all of them. The following are the importance of sexual education.

Instill Good Values- sex education will help to shape the teenager's behaviors in approaching sexual affairs; it will reduce unwanted pregnancies and abortion cases in the society. Secondly, there is Protection- this is the most crucial one, sex education is not meant to spearhead sex but to inform teens about sexual matters (Ciccarelli & White, 2016).

Additionally, it prepares teens for the future- curiosity as said killed the cat; some teens wish to experience sexual pleasures. These strong obsessions may lead to decisive actions. It also aids to create STIs awareness- the education helps in notifying the young youths of the deadly sexually diseases. This will assist them in having protected sex if they have to maintain good health hence. Furthermore, it helps in providing contraception education- this awareness is vital to a fertile generation, by these teens knows what to use and when. This will assist in preventing the extinction of a generation. It also aids young teens to understand their body changes- teenagers aged thirteen tend to be undergoing somebody changes such as girls growing breasts and experiencing menstrual cycle (Ciccarelli & White, 2016). This could be hard for some to bear but with sexuality education, they learn and adapt. Lastly, sexuality education helps adolescents control emotions- having psychology lessons helps most of the youths control their emotions that are caused by the adolescent stage. If these emotions aren't controlled, they could make them making wrong decisions and become indiscipline.

The education will have endless benefits in a teen's life. Additionally, parental guidance will be necessary for this to help the child grow up with moral dignity. Religions will have a part to play in this some teenagers will observe the educations when the clergy team educates them. Maintaining a society full of youths who get educated about sex will be crucial, this is because the society will concentrate on far much greater issues rather than, treating STIs and managing early pregnancies that could be rampant were it not for the sexual education.

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