Free Essay on the United States Role in the World in the Early Twentieth-Century

Published: 2019-06-05
Free Essay on the United States Role in the World in the Early Twentieth-Century
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The twentieth century took place between 1901 January and 2000 December. It marked the tenth and the final century of the second (2nd) millennium. The century is distinct from the known event that took place in the 1990s, which took place between 1900 and 1999. Both World War I and II subjugated the century. In addition, other dominating factors were decolonization and nationalism via developments in transport and communication technology, the responsiveness of environmental degradation, and world population. The century marked great developments in both communication as well as technology that by the late 1980s the implementation of computer communication, as well as genetic modification of life, were now in use (Keene and Jennifer 404).

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The American century is a characteristic of the twentieth century period as it is evident that the contribution concentrated on political, economic, and cultural terms (Keene and Jennifer 468). However, the critical aspect in this century in relation to the United States of America was the dominance and the influence it releases on the world economic changes because of changes in oil prices. Referring to the ancient times, there were two superpowers, the United States of America and the Soviet Union that greatly determined the direction of the world economy. However, United States of America remained after the fall of the Soviet Union (Keene and Jennifer 469).

In the early years of the century, there was industrial growth where the Americans accrued benefits as they also encounter the twentieth-century adverse effects. Such benefits were cheap labor as well as assembly line manufacturing that facilitated mass production (Keene and Jennifer 568). The transport network was developed hence facilitated cheap and easy way of transport. Despite the positive effects of the twentieth century, there were also negative effects that at some point they affected the flow of operation of the states. These factors define exactly what the government of the United States of America would have done during the century.

There are many loopholes evident that the American could have done during the twentieth century, but the paper will just concentrate on several. First, the revolution of events happened so quickly that could not conform to the speed of the people. In other words, the changes were happening so fast as compared to the speed of the people to adapt to them. For instance, changes in the use of technology challenged the inhabitants of United States of America because there was no sensitization through education forums to raise the ability of the people to adapt to the changes (Keene and Jennifer 668). These led to the slow growth of the countrys economy as compared to the economy of other countries such as China and Japan.

Second, because of industrialization, changes were evident mostly in the workplace where it reached across social strata. Labor unions took advantage of little public support, suffered from internal differences, lacked legal status, and lacked the authority to counter employers use of anti-union tactics. In this case, the government could have laid down platform that would have ensured there were no illegal actions depriving the laborers of their rights. Such platforms could have been such as setting rules that would regulate the labor unions, educating the labors on their rights and so forth.

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