Paper Example: Thomas Donald Bruce McArthur

Published: 2023-03-14
Paper Example: Thomas Donald Bruce McArthur
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Bruce McArthur was accused of severe disappearance and killings of men in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada between the years of 2010 and 2017. Vulnerable men included Toronto's Gay Village neighborhood just like him, whose bodies were dumped in plant pots. Bruce's accusations were due to the shreds of evidence of homicide charges in his apartment, like the dismembered remains of men in planter boxes stored in his landscaping equipment. The vulnerable victims were those who were active n online dating apps for gays where McArthur wanted to meet submissive men, most of whom were linked to Wellesley and church. He exploited his victims' vulnerabilities as some were struggling with addictions, some homeless, while some were married men yet to reveal their sexuality to their families, so Arthur believed that they could not be missed.McArthur is, therefore, one of the most profile and oldest known serial killers in Toronto and Canada.

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McArthur has had a previous problematic history like bludgeon dining a man with a metal pipe during Halloween in 2001 that saw his ban from Toronto gay community coupled with his two year sentencing for assault. He had also raised the red flags like through his use of large dating sites like SiverDaddies with a Recon profile where he wanted submissive men of all ages to contact him. Besides. Almost all the victims murdered were his Facebook friends. He did groom his victims through his dating sites, where he targeted a group of gay men who were marginalized in one way or the other, like immigrants, refugees, homeless, or afraid to disclose their sexualities. He told them to contact him for assistance. He gained control of his victims by exploiting the victims' vulnerabilities, the victims' less connectedness with the society coupled with the fact that the marginalized people were dehumanized, and less likely to report incidences of missing people. He invited the victims in his house, tortured them, took graphic photos of them, and stored in his computer as individual folders. Some were pictured naked; some made to wear a fur coat, some with cigars in their mouths as some were retrained and struggled. He later stored his victims' bodies on the planter boxes that he saved on the ground, dismembered as skeleton remains that could not be identified in the quest of him avoiding detection.

According to the court report in his medical examination, McArthur had no signs of mental illness that contributed to his incidences, save for epilepsy, and characteristically passive and indecisive. Psychologists, on the other hand, assert that McArthur may have had paraphilia disorder evidenced by his neurobiological behavior and Sado- sexual mass murders as he did to his gay male victims by exploiting their vulnerabilities. Bruce fits in the sexual offender and violent crime typology since he assaulted and murdered the gay community that he took advantage of their weaknesses and later killed them.McArthur's criminal and murderous behaviors that violated social norms are a clear indication of deviance behaviors. He saw the vulnerabilities of his victims. He seized the opportunity of exploiting such vulnerabilities by torturing and murdering them, thus qualifying in the realm of social function as perpetrated by Emile Durkheim's normative theory.

There was a break for the police after judicial authorization, and obtaining a warrant found a man retrained on Bruce's bed and the photos of the victims in Bruce's computer taken after their deaths, bound on their kill positions. Similarly, a victim Kinsman who was spotted getting on video getting into Bruce's van on a date where the two had scheduled an engagement, the trailer that was later tracked by the [police and an upon forensic investigation their detections of specks of blood and semen and Bruce's DNA. Bruce, therefore, did make mistakes that led to his apprehension as he left 1800 exhibits and 18000 photos of pieces of evidence in his apartment related to his crimes on his victims. That, together with the dumping of victim's victims in plant box and dismembering their remains of men in planter boxes stored in his landscaping equipment, led to his apprehension.

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