Website Analysis Assignment, Free Sample

Published: 2022-07-19
Website Analysis Assignment, Free Sample
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The topic of focus in this discussion is the emperor's use of bread and circuses as a useful ruling technique and how it is used today. The link to the chosen website that focuses on this topic for evaluation is

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a. Who created the website?

Fabbi Studio created the webpage.

b. Who hosts or publishes the site? hosts the website.

c. What is the significance, if any, of the domain name (.edu, .org, .com, .net)?

The domain name for the website is .org with the significance that an organization owns the webpage. The address of the internet website is owned by a company whose aim is not for making a profit.

d. When was the site created and updated?

The website was created and updated in the year 1999.


a. What is the purpose of the website?

The purpose of the website is to inform facts about the topic, the emperor's use of 'bread and circuses. The authors are describing the uses of the 'bread and circuses, the events that took place during the period and how the leaders benefited by using this ruling technique.

b. Who is the intended audience?

The webpage targets the general audience by presenting information about the emperor's use of 'bread and circuses to ensure the wellbeing of the people. Any individual interested in understanding the subject can get necessary information from this website.

c. How accurate is the site?

The website is accurate as it uses factual data to state and describes events, people and places related to the emperor's use of 'bread and circuses.

d. Are facts and opinions identified?

Facts and opinions are identified as the author's used quotations, numbers, and descriptions where necessary. It makes it easy for the reader to determine a fact and an opinion when reading the webpage.

e. Are primary sources complete or edited?

The primary sources are edited as they are not directly included in the webpage. The author paraphrased most of the information from the primary sources to fit within the webpage.

f. Are sources well documented?

The sources are not well documented. The author only provides the information without referencing the sources from where the content was sought.

g. Is there spelling or grammatical errors?

There are spelling errors in words such as theater. In U.S. spelling the word theater is spelled as theatre. There is a grammatical error in the word 'eachother' which should be spaced to form two words 'each and other.'

h. If the site offers links to other websites, are they working and reliable?

The webpage does not have links to other websites.


a. How credible is the website?

The website is not credible as there is no particular author behind the presented information. After investigating what other websites and organizations linked to the site, it is only connected to one organization, Capitolium that talks about the Imperial Fora of Rome. A date is present when the webpage was published revealing the period of research. However, 1999 is a not recent year to provide updated information regarding the subject of focus. The fact that the domain name is .org, the website is not credible as such websites are for a non-profit organization with an agenda of persuading rather than educating. Further, the information can be purchased and used by any individual.


a. Thoughts about the site I am evaluating.

I think that the site that I am evaluating is a good one for providing a reader with necessary information about 'bread and circuses' as a ruling method and the events that led to a change to this approach of leadership. The few spelling and grammar errors do not a significant impact on the information provided on the website. However, it affects the credibility of the web pages as a reliable source of information.

b. Do I like the site?

I like the site as the information is well presented, clearly described and facts stated. It is a website that informs the reader about the meaning of 'bread and circuses' and why it became into use and how the leaders used it. The website is well designed to enable the reader access the information quickly.

c. Was it helpful to me in understanding the subject matter?

The information was helpful in understanding the subject matter of emperor's use of 'bread and circuses.' It is useful in understanding the meaning of the subject matter since leaders used the approach to maintain the well-being of the people. The strategy entailed distributing food, gladiators, chariot races, public baths, sports competition, exotic animals, and theatre representation. I have understood how the technique was effective for emperors as they used it to maintain peace among the population and give them a chance to provide their views during performances. However, the website does not provide information on how the political strategy is used today in the 20th and 21st century.

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