What Will My Footprint Mean to the World? Scholarship Essay Example

Published: 2022-07-18
What Will My Footprint Mean to the World? Scholarship Essay Example
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Being a junior in college has enlightened me on the need to leave a positive perception or legacy in this world. This involves caring for others and the environment. It is essential to have an understanding that people and the general environment are in a mutual relationship. It seems humans forget this fact especially in the wake of technological advancement. It has reached a point where people only care about what benefits them and not the humanity. To stand and be counted as one of those who has made a selfless different is my core belief. However, it is not as easy as it sounds and therefore, requires hard work and dedication. That is the reason I want this scholarship because it will help in my quest to improve the world. To deserve the scholarship, I have ensured to work in my academics, community services, and leadership skills.

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I have been a diligent student in my studies to get to college. Many people view academics as a way of showing others their qualities. For me, my academic achievements will help in realizing my goals of influencing the world positively. To develop the leadership qualities I have been involved in different initiatives and volunteers services in the community. I received my Honor Roll for Academics, Merit Academics from Alabama A&M University, and Wow Award Amuite Yearbook Staff. Also, I was highly involved in the development of my leadership qualities and was awarded Georgia Valrie Service Award. I have worked Academic Excellence chair for Leadership-National Society of Black Engineers, Vice Chair for Leadership-Alabama A&M University Association for Computing Machinery and as the President of the Inter-Residential Hall Council. The leadership qualities attained will help me further my objectives in helping the world. It is important to be involved in community services since it helps create a relationship with communities and positively influence community members. I worked as a CO-Lead sponsor for Google IgniteCS Mentor, University of Huntsville Girls & Engineering Day, American Cancer society, Lupus Walk and Alabama A&M University Clean Up Day. These have been community volunteer services to help the community and understand the organization of such events. This shows my commitment to the community and the world at large and receiving the scholarship will promote this venture.

In conclusion, it is important to leave a positive footprint or legacy within which one will be remembered. This will help in giving back to the society. In my quest to leave a positive impression, I have worked to ensure academic excellence which has resulted in receipt of numerous awards. I have also developed my leadership skills and ensured increased involvement in the society. Receiving the scholarship will help become more helpful and involved in the community.

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