Free Essay Example. Whole Foods Market

Published: 2023-04-04
Free Essay Example. Whole Foods Market
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The critical issue in this set up entails that Whole Foods Market (WFM) remains one of the present-day leading grocery stores when it comes to natural as well as the organic food industry. The fact stands out that John Mackey as the founder of WFM, commenced it in Austin, Texas, as Safer Way Natural Foods. The company had its operations in 1978 upon which it operand the first Whole Foods Market following the aspect of merging Safer Way with Clarksville Natural Grocery in the year 1980. The mission of the company entails promoting the vitality and well-being of all persons. It also involves the aspect of providing the highest quality, as well as the availability of most wholesome foods. In simple terms, the mission of the company entails the notion of changing "the way the world eats" and, more importantly, creating a place of work whose basis is respect and love. It is equally imperative that WFM has, over several occasions, made the first list in Fortune magazine as the 100 Best Companies worth working for (Griffin, Phillips & Gully, 2017).Specifying Alternative Courses Of Action

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In the case study, a specific alternative course of action would best suit other companies other than WFM, whose only main objective entail creating profits only. Some of the activities that demonstrate the company of such caliber include neglecting the workforce, besides not being keen on continually improving the quality of their products and services. The reality of the matter remains that the world of business stands rapidly changing in the wake of technological development and advancement, which has intimately interconnected various parts of the world into a global village. The point is that WFM has no option but to continually enhance its operations by benchmarking with the best players across the globe. Thus from a positive viewpoint, the best courses of action that WFM ought to consider taking into account should revolve around competing effectively around the world, thereby continuously learning (Edmonds & Duncan, 2018). It is equally necessary that the WFM upholds actions and culture paramount to undeniably success story.

Evaluating Each Course of Action

In all aspects, WFM stands to have a unique statement of mission that remains the main contributory factor towards assisting the company in succeeding in the food industry besides surviving for many years. The purpose of the company, which, like any other company, remains generating profits, stands more about value creation in the lives of its various interdependent stakeholders. Evaluating the best course of action of WFM instrumental in the realization of the attainment of WFM purpose stand summarized via the following key steps undertaken by the company and its able leadership. As noted by Griffin, Phillips, and Gully, (2017), these key steps include;

  • Selling of the highest quality natural as well as organic products
  • Fully meeting satisfaction, gratifies as well as nourishing its customers
  • Support of the workforce, mainly team members upon which a lot of attention remains directed to their excellence as well as happiness.
  • Creating wealth by use profits along with growth
  • Supporting as well as servicing local together with global communities
  • Impacting positively on the environmental stewardship via significant influence
  • Creation of enduring partnerships with its merchants, including health providers.
  • Promoting the health of the company's stakeholders by offering tips and education of eating and living healthy
  • Promoting and prioritizing the welfare of the workforce in all aspects of their lives

Recommended Best Courses of Action

The best course of action recommendable in this whole set up entails the notion of creating values to the lives of its stakeholders' workforce in particular rather than solely focusing on generating super-profits. In terms of the quality standards as well as a differentiated product offering, WFO remains at the forefront when compared with other supermarkets by taking into account high-quality standards. Thus, it is recommendable that WFM remains in a better position of being able not only to attract but as well to maintain loyal customers' broad base. WFM's high-quality standards must get off the various ingredients contained in other companies' products besides many practices of the manufacturing that fail to meet the required standard level. It is, therefore, recommendable that the company to maintain high quality, thereby fully satisfying customers besides promoting the hygiene of the workforce to continue adhering to specific standards. These standards include:

  • For sustainability promote wild-caught seafood
  • Seafood should remain farmed responsibly
  • Cleaning products ought to disclose ingredients, impact for the environment as well as rated for safety
  • Avoiding artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners
  • Avoid hydrogenated fats
  • Use eggs from cage-free hens
  • Cured meat with no synthetic nitrates
  • Meat from animals raised using antibiotics should stand avoided

Above that, the WFM must continue cultivating and adopting the culture where every worker feels a sense of ownership. Everyone deserves treated with respect and fairness, irrespective of the position in the company. It is highly recommendable that WFM remains sensitive to the health needs of its workforce besides staying committed to their well beings. The bottom line is that WFM should endure being the best place to work for as well as continue being sensitive to all the concerns of all its stakeholders.


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