Literature Essay Example

Published: 2018-06-27
Literature Essay Example
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My own attitude to the science fiction movies

Some people respond differently to works of art such as science fiction and other forms of fiction. Personally I found that science fiction is based on a form of sociological study of the future in that the author seem to believe that the things that they are writing are going to happen in the future. With science fiction, one is able to follow a mathematical or logical projection of the future.

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In the past, I have read genre fiction. The manner in which science fiction extrapolates and draws from what the reader knows about science and reality is what draws me to genre fiction. The manner in which genre fiction attracts me through its unevenness and unbound less to the confines of law makes it more interesting as one tries to anticipate what is going to happen.

Information literacy

The study of literacy writing definitely alters the manner in which I appreciate genre writing. The amount of time and energy that authors take to come up with genre writing is incredible and the manner in which they embed the message is fascinating.

From Bradbury’s viewpoint, his narrative skills enables one to participate I what is unfolding in the novel. There is an anticipation by the reader to know the impacts of what has been created and how the new system that is being introduced will work. The styles employed are effective. This is due to the manner in which readers are able to get a mental imagery that the author intended to portray.

The major theme in the story is the articulation of the interconnections between the past the present and the future. One particular part is where a single butterfly dies and there is a massive alteration to the world that they initially knew.

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