Music Therapy Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-27
Music Therapy Essay Example
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Essay about music therapy

Human health entails different aspects such as environmental, physical, and biological; these are the major factors that determine the emotional and physical well-being of people. Personal health is a composite of the above three aspects and therefore in times of medical intervention the mode of treatment should be a holistic one and account for all the ecological factors. Research has shown that incorporation of artistic impressions in the healing process is highly effective in influencing moods, emotions, feelings and other psychological effects. The application of music therapy to treatment methods has been an old concept since the time of the philosophers Aristotle and Plato. Their procedure was greatly put into use in the post-world war period where veterans of the war were visited in hospitals and sang for so that they could overcome physical and psychological trauma. Music has since then been implemented broadly in the medical platform with consistent research indicating that it is highly effective.

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Studies on the brain show that music helps to calm one down and music affects the brain receptors in such a manner that it subdues the pain. The other activates under expressive therapy such as music composure and singing have been observed to reduce the heart rate and consequently the blood pressure this in turn results in the mood stabilization. Music therapists have also adopted expressive art, especially music, to tend to the elderly so that they can have more quality life while for children with learning disabilities have been provided physical coordination skills and communication through music in a manner to find self-worth. The adolescent crisis has also been remedied through music therapy whereby the participating adolescents have been engaged on the paths to find self-identity through self-understanding. Adolescents stand a very high risk of negative influence through indulgence that may lead to psychological changes and eventual possibility of a relapse. Through professional, expressive therapy such as the use of music helps them to deviate from the pressure, activities and interactions that may contribute to their aggression.

Creative Therapy

The aim of creative therapies is to engage the individual’s emotions through the control of the meaningful actions by engaging moods in a direct physical way[1]. The art of creative therapy is that it is possible to infiltrate the most challenging and complex issues through creative imagination. The need for creative therapy remains imperative to the young men and women who suffer from aspects of self-low esteem due to a reduced satisfaction on how they look. Therefore, to protect the youth from addiction, there is a need for implementing creative therapy through storytelling as a way to promote the characteristic of happiness and resilience. Addiction is believed to be one of the major social disorders that has destroyed the young, therefore, it is important to ensure they are prevented from drug use through storytelling that boosts their value attachment to life. It has been studied and proven that storytelling is a direct attribute to the well-being of the patients who undergo the therapeutic procedure. Music being the most universal and readily accessible tool, it serves the greatest purpose on recovery aspects in medical procedures.

Psychological distress and a reduction in the perception of self-worth are among the most challenging issues around the globe. During development stages children go through stages of psychological development which can make them highly prone to emotional distress. This raises the need for the identification of the critical means to solve the problem. There are therefore several approaches such as holistic avenues that may be used in the enhancement of self-worth. These may include; songs, folktales and religion. People tend to shape their emotional aspects of the things that they go through where their emotional disposition revolves around the encounters they come across in life. Creative therapies may help them shape their conceptions and eventually develop a sense of self-worth.

Social support groups and local organizations are also efficient avenues for emotional recovery for those suffering from emotional problems. This is because they help establish an entity for which the affected individuals may associate through developing a sense of belonging, education and the creation of an artistic expression for which they may find encouragement. The Songs have a great way of inspiring and therefore provide the best channel for the individuals to share and relate their stories. Contemporary research has therefore led to the development of various approaches to the attainment of a high sense of self-worth, and they include storytelling, writing, and poetry, singing and listening to preaching as well as psychotherapy. All of these approaches have the same objective of ensuring that there an increased sense of self-worth and increased self-esteem.

Trends in Networks for Creative Therapy Based Programs

Music is an indispensable part of life hence no one can live without it. Owing to this, over the past decade a new trend in foundations that offer and assist victims of psychological distress all over the globe utilizing music-based therapy has emerged[2]. These foundations are among the pioneers in the field and have implemented strategies and programs that change the usual social norms that exist around them concerning therapy of facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges[3].

Among the forefront of such fields would be Song of Love Foundation which was founded by John Beltzer in 1996[4]. John came up with a therapeutic tool based on music as a form of medicine that would provide a source of comfort and joy for children and teens undergoing a healing process of various medical, physical or emotional challenges through creating original and personalized songs for each child. However, through network collaboration of the Foundation and various stakeholders such as the songwriters and caregivers in hospitals the foundation has been able to expand its reach. This is one of the best examples of the up and coming trends in music therapy that having been helping children and will continue to do so through the building and expanding its reach through network collaboration.

Also, Playing for Change Foundation that was established in 2005 by a group of filmmakers who had the common belief that despite the differences in society music had the ability to change and bring together people in society for the common good and peace in the society. Since date, through networking with musicians and other filmmakers, it has become a global phenomenon that has blessed millions of people through music. Though not established for therapeutic care but for the development of the music education for children in marginalized areas, which are rich in cultural traditions but lack the resources it has come to shed light on the ability that music has to impact and improve the life of lives children and community members.

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