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Euthanasia Essay - Why Is This Topic So Relevant?

Euthanasia is the process of voluntarily or involuntarily ending a person's life in the event of injury, incurable disease, or other body problems that cause severe pain. It is worth noting that many medical communities in most countries actively discuss this practice since a person has the right to dispose of their body and end their life in case of unbearable pain. 

However, moral principles and methods of euthanasia still cause active controversy. The main problem is that most countries have passed laws prohibiting the termination of human life in most cases. So this essay topic is very relevant for students as they need to consider all points of view.

How to Write Good Essays About Euthanasia: Important Steps to Follow

Many newbies are often worried about the versatility of this topic. In part, such fears are justified because a complex and controversial medical procedure requires long-term research and careful statements not to cross the ethical line. Here are the key steps to help you stay on track.

Decide What Kind of Essay to Write

First, you need to think about which type of essay you choose. For example, are you going to describe the causes and consequences of euthanasia, or do you need to concentrate on a detailed description of this method? Or do you want to argue your point of view and describe the appropriateness of the procedure? Once you choose your assignment type, it will be easier to move on to the next step.

Brainstorm Your Topic

Now your task is to pick a good topic and consider those aspects that are especially relevant for euthanasia and its alternatives. Choosing good ideas will help you figure out where to start. Try to collect all the good ideas in one place and consider the appropriateness of choosing some research area or official source for your paper.

Research the Topic

So, the first stage is over. You know your topic, and now you need to start researching scientific journals, medical reference books, and other reliable sources that allow you to understand the principles of the method and its humanity. Take your time and save any quotes, data, and mentions of facts that will be useful for your assignment.

Choose a Writing Style

Typically you will have to choose a style like MLA, APA, or Chicago. The overall structure of your paper won't change much, but you'll have to consider formatting and a few other aspects. Ask your professor in advance. Then you won't have any problems with the euthanasia essay introduction and other parts.

Develop a Thesis

Your thesis statement is a guiding star that helps you frame all your paragraphs. Decide what will be the key part and basis of your paper. What questions, statements, or postulates are you going to defend or refute? Think about this question.

Outline Your Essay

Creating an outline is a key step for those planning to write an essay. First, you have to organize all the paragraphs and headings to make your paper look perfect. That is why you cannot do without samples to help you reveal a particular topic. Then, typically, you have to create an intro, the body part, and the conclusion.

Write Your Essay

Once you have a plan ready, you can get started. Start with a body of paragraphs and use a question or argument for each part to indicate the official, legal or ethical concerns of euthanasia. But that's not all. Once you have completed the main part, you can proceed with the introduction and conclusion. Again, try to start your paper with some hook, important data, or a rhetorical question. The final part should mix your results and thoughts on euthanasia, its legality, and humanity.

Edit Your Writing to Check Spelling and Grammar

The final stage involves checking grammar and spelling. In addition, many students are in a hurry to write such papers and make logical mistakes, so they must reread every sentence. As a result, you will most likely find at least a couple of unclear sentences. Try to concentrate and analyze every paragraph in detail to polish your essay and expect a high grade.

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What is euthanasia in a nutshell?

Euthanasia is a practice that implies the end of a person's life at his request or the request of his relatives and guardians.

Where is euthanasia legal?

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, and Switzerland have all officially allowed euthanasia. In addition, in some countries, like the United States or Norway, passive euthanasia is allowed.

What is passive euthanasia, and is it legal?

Passive euthanasia is the termination of medication and maintenance treatment to end the patient’s life. This form of euthanasia is legal in the United States, Germany, Greece, Israel, and many other countries.

What is active euthanasia or assisted suicide?

Active euthanasia or assisted suicide involves the injection of drugs or other substances, resulting in a quick and painless death of a patient. This procedure is also called aggressive euthanasia.

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