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Health and human services are among the most underappreciated yet sought-after services in the US. Counselors, therapists, and social and case workers help the least protected and the most vulnerable population groups within the lower income bracket, as well as children, abuse survivors, ex-convicts, and other groups. So writing a human services essay can be your way to gain a deeper understanding of the profession and decide if it’s something you want to do with your life.

Unlike other course-specific assignments, a human services professional essay can work for many courses (though probably not STEM classes). It will be appropriate for Gender Studies, Sociology, Politology, Psychology, Education, Management, and other courses that allow you to choose a research question for an assignment. 

Once you decide to write a human services essay, choosing the topic is the first step. This field is extremely broad and covers everything from domestic and child abuse to trauma rehabilitation. To help you narrow down the research field, we’ve collected papers that cover the hottest, most relevant human services essay topics. Skim the titles of the essays in our library, and you should have a good idea in which direction to take your research.

Researching for a human services essay paper for the first time can be challenging because the field is too broad and diverse. It will take you weeks to wade through all the publications, and by that time, your human services essay will be late for the submission deadline. So instead, we recommend you start with the sources listed in the samples you like. Even a couple of sources should be enough to get you on the right path. From there, you can use keywords or authors’ names for more thorough research, if necessary.

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