When Did the US Enter WW2

Published: 2018-03-12 03:13:08
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U.S. Joined World War II because of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor


Thesis statement: Japan attack to the United States by bombing the Pearl Harbor for nighty minutes when the U.S. forces were unprepared caused a lot of damage on houses, ships, aircraft, and about 24000 Americans were killed rather than being apologetic Japan, and its allies went ahead and declared war on America this made President Roosevelt to also declare war against Japan thus, joining the world War II.   

Topic sentence 1: An attack on the United States territory was a threat to the welfare abs security of the American people. 

1.America had to join the war so as to ensure that they protect their territories from future attacks and for revenge on Japan. The Pearl Harbor attack made the Americans be determined and united to go to war to defend themselves.

2. Even after supporting Japan’s rival China, the U.S. was not interested in going to war because they had no good reason to be involved in it but the attack and Japan’s allies declaring war on U.S., they became motivated it no engage into war. 

Topic sentence 2: The United States was economically and militarily stable through the attack Japan wanted to become the dominant power in the Pacific.

1.America had to join the war so as to remain a powerful state in the West and also to protect its reputation. Many lives and property of the American people had been lost through the attack, and the country could wait for another attack. 

2.The American government at that time was willing to do anything to prevent such attacks and the American people and industries prepared and supported the decision to join the World War II. 


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