The Breakfast Club Characters Analysis - Free Essay in Adolescent Psychology

Published: 2018-03-03
The Breakfast Club Characters Analysis - Free Essay in Adolescent Psychology
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John Bender

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John Bender is an adolescent, and he has a very aggressive attitude. John’s father keeps abusing him, and this affects him. He uses several drugs, among them marijuana. Because of his behavior, John’s relationship with Mr. Vernon is strained, and there is an enmity between them. John has several vulnerabilities, and he acts tough so that he can hide his weaknesses and these vulnerabilities. He likes fighting with his fellow students and teachers. He wears shaggy clothes, has long unkempt hair which indicates his poor background while his strained relationship with his father is portrayed by the cigar burn. John is intimidating and, he fears he is inheriting this from his father.

Andrew Clarke

Clarke is a wrestler and, happens to be the sporty person in the group. He became a wrestler not because of his will but because of his dad. His dad says that he cannot stand losers and, as such, forces Andrew to became a wrestler. Andrew admits how he loathes what he is doing and that he has no passion for wrestling. His dad is proud of him when he does worse things to people.

Allison Reynolds

She is the basket case among all the other characters. She barely talks and only does so in sudden outbursts. Her parents have ignored her, and this has made her life unsatisfying, boring and lonely. It is because of these reasons that she volunteers to go to Saturday’s detention. After smoking bhang, Allison opens up about her need for attention and care, and she ends up receiving it from Claire and Andrew with whom they start a relationship.

Claire Standish

Claire is referred to as a princess. When her parents fight or argue, they use her to solve their differences. Her dad is rich and, is not concerned with what she does but her mom, who comes from a poor family, is staunch on her. However, she is a drunkard. Claire is spoilt, she wears expensive clothes, has fancy cars, goes shopping often, goes to expensive restaurants and she cares only about herself.

Brian Johnson

Brian is the nerd in the movie. John likes making fun of him because of the clothes he wears, his lunch and his intellectual capabilities. Most of the popular kids in the school ignore him, and he does not have many friends. Brian is not concerned with his physical appearance, and although he has a fake ID, he is not irresponsible and, only used the ID to vote.


Desforges, D. M. (1994) Applying theories of development: An exercise for teaching adolescent psychology. Teaching of Psychology, 21 (4), 245-246.

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