Abstract for a Research Paper Sample

Published: 2018-01-21
Abstract for a Research Paper Sample
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The world of politics is full of sensitive sentiments that deal with legalizing gun control. However, there are two different stands that public opinion is taking a stand on and both of them are willing to stand in and fight for their rights. In this research paper, the pro-gun and anti-gun group are both discussed at length. The agitations put forward by the pro-group is that the 2nd amendment to the American constitution gives them the full mandate and a fundamental right to own a firearm. On the contrary, the anti-gun group agitates that the federal government ought to stipulate stringent rules and regulations on ownership and operation of a firearm. In addition, the anti-gun group holds the believe that crime and violence in the cities are escalating due to the presence of a huge number of firearms amongst the public.

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Similarly, regardless of the public stand and opinion on gun control, it is undeniably a hot topic for debate across the American States. In this specific research paper, past governmental intervention on gun control and presidency stand on the same issue will be dealt with broadly. In addition, the paper will also review appropriate gun control measures that have worked successfully in other countries like Australia and make an appropriate comparison with our own. More so, the research paper focuses on evaluating two distinctive school of thoughts that expounds on gun control. Appropriate data will also be included in this research to showcase significant effects of gun control and relevant issues associated with the transfer of a secondhand gun. In extensive reading of this research paper, my views on gun control illustrate the fact that the federal government and US States should develop a conclusive approach to gun control.

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