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The Evergreen Issue of Gun Control in the US 

Every invention can be used for good and evil. So it was true for nuclear power and the atomic bomb, and it is true even for 3D printing. A peaceful technology that makes every maker drool has become a major factor in a gun control controversy, as 3D printed plastic guns can now avoid X-ray and metal detection. So should we make the airport experience even more miserable for everyone, or should we prohibit 3D printers? Where does individual freedom end and common safety take over?

These are just the most recent questions arising around the evergreen topic of firearm regulations that have been plaguing the US since the end of the Civil War. While the state recognizes the right to own and carry weapons, stronger license requirements and regulations have been pushed forward by activists throughout the last decade. With so many opposing views to consider, a gun control essay is a great choice if you want to showcase your argumentative or persuasive writing.

The Common Reasons for Gun Control

Those in favor of strengthening gun regulations cite multiple reasons, core among which include:

  • The government’s duty to protect its citizens. Excessive gun usage among civilians hampers law enforcement’s ability to protect those without firearms.
  • Increased crime rate. Unregulated gun sales and usage promote burglary, muggings, gang activity and other crimes.
  • Suicide and accident prevention. Ready access to firearms within a household can be a reason for child trauma and death and teenage suicide attempts.
  • Unsurprisingly gun rights supporters have opposing views. They believe that firearm availability makes it easier for citizens to protect themselves and protects them from corrupt law enforcement officers and government tyranny. Gun rights activists also believe that proper gun handling should prevent accidents and unauthorized access to firearms by children and teenagers.

How to Write a Gun Control Argumentative Essay 

There are plenty of topics to choose from. For example, you can research the recent legislation initiatives, the shooting statistics, or the pro or anti-gun control rallies. Technological advances, like 3D printing and CNC machines, open a whole new field of study, as do the new materials and armaments.

Once you lock in the topic, research is the name of the game. Look for recent publications in reliable journals, as blog posts and news reports tend to be biased and therefore unusable for academic writing. With such a controversial issue, your main goal is to find objective sources to cite. Otherwise, your professor may slash off points for using unreliable data.

The basic layout of any argumentative essay is the same. You need to lure the reader in with a powerful hook, dazzle them with a compelling thesis statement and hint at the most powerful points you’re about to make.

Each body paragraph should contain a single argument with enough support to convince even your staunchest opponent. Most writing guides recommend you place the strongest argument at the end and use the second strongest first. The rest of your weaker points will look better when surrounded by powerful arguments on both sides. 

Remember to include your analysis of the sources you use to make each paragraph more compelling. You can use several references to support each claim to make your essay even more convincing. But you should always lead in with a topic sentence and finish with a smooth transition into your next point.

The last part of your essay about gun control should be an impactful reminder of the points you’ve made throughout the paper. You can reiterate and strengthen the thesis statement in a final bid to convince the reader to agree with your side of the argument.

When you’re done writing, find the time for a break and come back with a fresh mind for a final sweep of the essay. At the editing stage, make sure you’ve removed any illogical or incomprehensible trains of thought. After that, use a spell checker to get rid of small mistakes and typos that will annoy your professor. Finally, format the paper to your instructor’s specifications and be extra careful with a reference list, as it’s one of the trickiest sections. Just like that, your paper is done and ready for submission.

Make Most of Free Gun Control Essay Examples

Considering the ongoing legislative battles around the issue of gun control, including the new interpretations of the Second and the Fourteenth Amendments, it’s no wonder the topic remains hot and relevant. Besides, there are plenty of avenues for you to research and cover in your essay, from legal battles to campus security and terrorist attacks.

In case you feel a bit intimidated, feel free to use our database of gun control essay examples. You’ll find inspiration to come with an exciting topic, glean outline ideas and find quite a few relevant sources. And if you’re not sure you can handle such a controversial issue, let our professional writers handle your assignment. They’ll get it ready and waiting for you in no time!


What is gun control?

Firearms regulations are laws and legislation that govern the manufacture, sale, usage, and other aspects of handling guns within the country or on an international level.

What are the reasons why gun control doesn’t work?

Many firearm owners ignore regulations; others are criminals. It takes a single person armed with a gun to do a lot of damage, but law-abiding firearm owners suffer the same prejudice. Gun control is a delicate issue that needs in-depth research and understanding to find a suitable compromise.

Why is gun control important?

Regulations in place to control firearms are designed to protect both gun owners and the people around them from harm. The laws are written with everyone’s safety in mind, but they don’t always work as intended.

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