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With over a million lives lost to gun violence globally every year, it is no longer a problem our society can ignore. The unlawful use of firearms robs people of their most fundamental rights, the rights to life, safety, and health. Not only do gun incidents kill hundreds of men, women, and children daily, they ruin families and leave hundreds more with debilitating injuries that prevent them from leading full lives and psychological trauma.

While there are international laws on gun control, local legislation is sorely lacking, especially in the US, where the Second Amendment guarantees the right to own firearms. And while the proponents of the Amendment, spearheaded by the NRA, are lobbying against restrictive gun laws, the other half of American society is hoping that firmer registration and licensing rules can reduce the number of gun violence incidents, especially mass shootings. 

However, new laws can not control gun violence without an all-encompassing promotional and educational outreach program and addressing the underlying gun violence issues. For example, women and children are more likely to become victims of gunfire. The same is true for young African American males and representatives of other ethnic and social minorities.

Illegal firearm trade is among other unaddressed gun violence issues that cannot be resolved through legislative means alone. As long as millions of small arms and billions of rounds of ammunition are produced every year and criminals can get their hands on firearms, gun violence will continue to be a threat to public safety.

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What are the reasons for gun violence?

The issue is too complex and diverse to answer this question in full. Every country has its unique approach to handling firearms control and safety. Still, easy access to firearms, social inequality, discrimination, marital abuse, and suicides are among the common causes of people taking up weapons to hurt others or themselves.

Where are gun crimes most prevalent?

Gun violence is most common across the Central and South American countries, where access to firearms is easy and governmental control is low. The prevalence of organized crime in these states is also a decisive factor. The US is an outlier among the developed countries, with the number of gun-related crimes far exceeding the average rate. As a result, nearly 40 thousand people are killed by firearms annually on American soil, and around 1% of these deaths result from mass shootings.

Why must gun violence be addressed now?

Assessing the full effect of gun violence on our society is impossible. Still, when firearms destroy 500 lives daily and cause thousands more injuries and ruined families, the problem becomes a global concern on par with climate change, nuclear warfare, and capital punishment. Moreover, with up to 8 million small arms entering the market every year, the number of deaths caused by firearms is bound to increase, so addressing the issue now is vital.

How can gun violence be prevented?

Getting firearms distribution under control is the easiest and most efficient approach. Establishing a firearms registry and a licensing process for those willing to purchase guns legally are the first steps towards common safety. However, authorities should also eliminate the illegal firearms trade at the same time to ensure the public is safe from armed criminals.

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