Free Essay: Analysis of an Article on Photolytic Compounds

Published: 2020-08-13
Free Essay: Analysis of an Article on Photolytic Compounds
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With the issues of global warming and environmental pollution taking center-stage as targets in the New Millennium Development Goals, the world is gravitating towards the generation and production of more environmentally friendly sources of energy. All scientists, mainly those in the field of Physical science this case, have tried their level best to inculcate this very important aspect in all their works and innovations. In this line, the production of hydrogen gas from water by a process called photolysis is one of the developing innovations in the world of technology. A cohort of chemists led by Professor Bettina Lotsch, who works at LMU in the Department of Chemistry and also in the Max Planck Institute for Solid state Research based in Stuttgart, have delved into this issue and are working towards making it a reality. The scientists are inventing a new group of photolytically potent porous organic materials that can be used as the basis through which photocatalysts can be molecularly fine-tuned in order to be used in the light-dependent hydrogen gas production from water. In this article, the scientists put across arguments in favor of their project. Here is an analysis of the arguments.

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First, Lotsch explains that the main features that led to their adoption of the project are the properties and diverse applications of the compounds covalent organic framework. He explains that they produce semiconductors that are crystalline and porous and that their chemical properties therefore are easy to manipulate in order to form a compound with specific and desired properties. These words are echoed by Vijay Vyas, a postdoc scientist in the Bettina Lotschs group. This is such a strong argument since we see that the compound itself can be tailor-made to suit different desired characteristics thus allowing for modulation of hydrogen gas production and probable use in different scientific fields. This therefore makes the compound more versatile as compared to the conventionally used metals in the same field. In this line, the scientists justify the claim by adding that the compounds are already under investigation for their suitability in fields of sensor technology, optoelectronics and also as matrices for gas storage. This therefore increases the credibility of the claim by the scientists.

In the article, Frederik Haase, a member of Lotschs group, supports the claim that the compounds produced are more economical and environmentally friendly as compared to the more expensive metals being used currently in the same field. With the property of easy manipulation well supported by facts and even trials that are currently underway according to the scientist, the other claim of the compounds being less expensive compared to the conventionally used metals is not supported by any facts or figures. It is vague and therefore calls for more research to be done on the same to support the viability of the claim. Therefore in as much as the claim may be true, it cannot solidly convince anyone since there are no facts or any research to prove it.

I strongly believe that this compounds are such a great invention that could end up being quite revolutionary in this world. Considering the stated claims, I believe that with their ability to be chemically and physically altered to suit specifically desired characteristics and functions, makes them such ideal raw materials in the field of solar power harvesting. Also, considering the fact that the energy being used and produced in this whole process is being harvested from the sun means that it is an environmentally friendly option. This to me is such a good quality since it caters for environmental conservation. Therefore, the adoption of this invention will be such a great boost in the fight against environmental pollution. Also, it would serve to reduce the risks of accidents caused by the other options of energy production like nuclear reactor accidents. This project will thus be a big breakthrough in the energy production sector.

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