Free Essay Comprising the Analysis of the Vegetarian by Han Kang

Published: 2022-02-22
Free Essay Comprising the Analysis of the Vegetarian by Han Kang
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Notably, The Vegetarian is a novel that describes two sisters that is Yeong-Hye and In-Hye and their lives so that it can compare how their lives were. The book highlights the world's demands for survival and smooth interaction. The author does not use Yeong as the narrator of her own story to avoid prejudice that might be included in my gain. Either, Yeong could not be an own narrator so that at least it catches the feelings of the reader better when they feel another person reports it. This novel helps the reader understand the conflict between Yeong and her husband who is against the decision by her to stop eating meat. Therefore, this paper focuses on the analysis of the entire story to help understand any atrocity that might bring conflict to the community.

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According to Yeong's husband, he was embarrassed when his wife refused to eat a meat meal in one of the restaurants. The wife decides to depend on vegetables only. Since Yeong does not tell her husband about it, it results in a conflict between them implying that the couples should be transparent in the steps they take in life. It highlights how secretive Yeong is. However, this secrecy does not encourage a healthy relationship. Therefore, the couples should be transparent so that they can have a smooth connection and good understanding. Nevertheless, this novel exposes the characteristics of different marriages that are easily irritable by petty issues which make them explode their deep displeasure. The couple is encouraged not to engage in assaultive languages since it does not provide any solution. Instead, it sparks further a conflict. The readers are also enlightened about how slight mistakes can ignite marriage. Therefore, they can prepare for such predicaments that affect different unions (Clemens& Colleen 91).

In -Hye sits by the beside her sickling sister show the kind of love we should be applying and showing the sick members of the society so that they do not feel lonely. She tries to flashback what they use to do when they were young so that she could realize the motive behind Yeong's refusal to eat animal products. The act of In-Hye reaching her sister when sick shows how the community can reach to a person when in need of comfortability purposes. However, it is good to reach out to our neighbor before the condition worsens so that an individual's life could be saved in time.

The refusal nature of Yeong shows how she represents those members of the community who stands alone in all life aspects and not ready to share with any person; however serious it might be. This is unhealthy because it shows distrust among the parties involved (Wang et al. 625). At least a person should try to reveal his or her secret to innermost friend unlike what Yeong did. This act only alienates a person farther away from others. The ultimate result would be feeling lonely at times need. Besides, the novel represents some members of the community who are lonely and are being persuaded to connect and collaborate with other members of society. It also shows how some members of the community are so rooted in some cultural practice such that they cannot change even if it means death as seen by the Yeong's attitude towards consumption of meat( Licher& Veronika 297-300).

It is realized that Yeong changed to be vegetarian after having a severe dream that involved a monster. The pressing issue is that she is not willing to reveal to any person. The painful thing is that she is quick to believe what she dreamt without subjecting it to any logicality. This shows how some members of the community are ready to assume the dreams without understanding the logic behind them. Either the choice of the story tells the naive characteristic of Yeong who feels things and faster change to be a vegetarian without advise from the doctor if a certain food variety is harmful for consumption or if it can cause troubles to an individual's life. She stopped eating meat immediately after an absolute monster dream leaving both the sister and her husband wondering the motives behind it (Khakpour &Porochista).

The novel exposes the immorality that surfaces the society we live in. For examples, there is an essence of sexual assault and bad feeding habit being incorporated in the society which Yeong cannot support. Unfortunately, Yeong and Hye are attacked by their father over meat issue. This leaves Yeong with some injuries to the body, and her mind becomes disturbed to find out why she is being attacked based on her diet. Nevertheless, one of the primary reasons why Yeong does not take meal is that she does not support them. According to her, she could only trust her breast implying that she can no longer believe any product from any creature which she does not know their whereabouts. She wonders how she can change and shape the thinking of the society towards the prevailing cultural belief by members of society.

However, it shows how difficult it is to bring any change alone in the entire society. Instead, an agent of change should try his or her best by involving those whom he or she thinks is for the same idea of achieving a given transformation within the society. The story clearly outlines how it is impossible to overcome several forces that must be any idea of change. Briefly, the novels describe how any atrocity within the community can only be eradicated through a campaign by at least a meaningful members of the society through cooperation not a single soul(Clemens& Colleen 91).

The condemnation from some members of the community who cannot integrate other people's cultural belief implies how they are culturally intolerable which should not be the case. Every member of the society should be left his or her freedom in whatever he or she eats so long as it not an act of cannibalism, which is against the law of the land. Either, it shows how the community is scared about other people's culture; however unscary they might be. Most importantly, people should learn how to be tolerant of other people's welfare and practices. Additionally, every member should be allowed to enjoy their freedom without any interference. Eventually, the courage by Yeong to question whether is it wrong to die shows those members of the society who are not ready to lose their ground based on their belief no matter what comes their way. This members of the community are laggard to any change, and they will not listen to any idea which is not within their understandings and stand( Khakpour &Porochista).

Concisely, this story can be concluded that it is very significant because it has highlighted some practices that might be taking place in some society. The story helps the readers to understand what the community needs to embrace against the ones they should not. For instance, it criticizes the act of oppressing the public against their freedoms and condemn or assault based on their idea towards any cultural practice. Most importantly, every member should be allowed to express his or her liberty without external interference.

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