Free Essay for Everyone's Use: Apple Business Strategy

Published: 2022-02-14 01:42:10
Free Essay for Everyone's Use: Apple Business Strategy
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Apple is a U.S based global technology firm that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing computer hardware and software. The company has established a global recognition for its unique series of online services, personal computers, mobile phones, as well as innovative marketing strategies (Meyer, 2019). This paper provides a detailed discussion of the differentiation marketing strategy used by Apple and how this strategy ensures the company success in the competitive market.

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Business strategy and Its Importance to Apple

Over the years, Apple has used the product differentiation strategy. Through this approach, the organization concentrates on key features which differentiate its information technology merchandises from their rivals. Some of the crucial aspects of Apple differentiation include unique user-friendliness, sophisticated product design, and branding that attracts customers (Meyer, 2019). In using the differentiation strategy, Apple is tasked with the responsibility of continuous innovation for its products. This ensures it is always a step ahead over its competitors. The differentiation approach is crucial for Apple's extensive market reach and overall productivity. In using this strategy, the organization competes by marketing different services and products that meet the needs of diverse segments in both information technology and electronics industry. In this case, Apple does not have to center on a particular market segment.

Competitive Priorities and Use in Apple

Competitive priorities are critical operational dimensions required by an organization to attain a competitive advantage as well as sustaining the market demands (Awwad et al., 2013). The cost priority is essential for ensuring that prices and costs are monitored and effectively distributed on various products and services offered. The quality priority ensures that products and their processes execute and conform to their specifications. Additionally, the quality priority provides that products and services are not only reliable but also have value for money. The flexibility priority involves the ability to respond to changes relating to the use of resources within an organization (Awwad, Al Khattab & Anchor, 2013). On the higher end, time priority ensures that organizational activities are performed within specified time limits. Over the years, Apple has implemented the quality priority by designing and selling differentiated quality products whose performance is different from others.

Productivity Measures and Utilization in Apple

Productivity refers to the measure of resources usage and management in converting inputs to outputs to accomplish organizational objectives (Tiwari, 2016). Labor productivity establishes the efficiency necessary for transforming inputs into valuable outputs. Capital productivity measure identifies how capital is utilized towards meeting the organizational objectives. Material productivity measure, on the other hand, identifies how raw materials are used in making the final products. In the case of Apple, capital productivity plays a role in obtaining the right resources and technology to bring innovation in the dynamic technology world continuously.

Types of Technology and Usage in Apple

In modern-day organizations, technology plays a crucial role in ensuring real-time information across all production lines, thus improving the quality and speed of performance. It is through technology that organizations are able to achieve a competitive advantage over their rivals. Mainly, there are three types of technology. Industrial product technology is that which is used in large scale production of products through limited customer involvement. Medical technology is essential for medical personnel to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases. On the other hand, assisted technology is that which help people navigate through activities of daily living as well as improve life quality for those people with disabilities (Sanders & Reid, 2013). Apple makes use of industrial product technology for the large scale production of computers and smartphones.


The differentiation strategy employed by Apple makes it one of the best performing technology firms on the map. Apple invests heavily on innovation and product design, a significant reason why it ensures its success even when selling its products at relatively high prices. The effectiveness of this approach makes Apple attain growth and competitive advantage.


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