Article Review Essay Sample: Homosexuality

Published: 2022-09-23
Article Review Essay Sample: Homosexuality
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The article Homosexuality by John Jefferson Davis gives a reliable description of homosexuality noting its history, related medical concerns, and legal issue relevant to the subject. This description shows that homosexuality is nothing new despite its recent acceptance in the West. Further, the article uses data from various cultures and scholars to show that throughout history, all known cultures are strongly founded on heterosexual relationships. Additionally, the author probes the medical conclusions that propose a link between homosexuality and genetics.

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Then, the author addresses homosexuality from a biblical and pastoral view and does not relinquish on the clarity of the Bible's pronouncement of homosexuality as a sin. He supports this by acknowledging that sin has disordered all of life, including people's sexuality. The article does not accommodate the culture's acceptance of homosexuality. Rather the author recommends for a two-tipped strategy with the key elements being a firm biblical teaching and meaningful personal support for the homosexuals who seek to overcome such an orientation (Davis, 1993). According to the article, the church needs to demonstrate with confidence the power of God's grace over sin, even the sin of homosexuality. In conclusion, the Davis (1993) argues that instead of fighting homosexuality from the structure of the 'culture wars', Christians should concentrate their time and energy on aligning their marriages and sexual behaviors with high standards of the Scripture.


First, the article is well-researched. In particular, the article deals with the homosexuality issue using a lot of data, scholarship perspectives, and biblical references. It also consists of the author's summary of the tips and findings from a theological and pastoral viewpoint. This evidence supports the author's claim that homosexuality is a sin, which makes it more convincing and credible. In particular, the article incorporates and analyzes the views of other scholars in support or in dispute of the subject and makes a connection to the main points in a clear and logical manner. This gives the reader a deeper understanding of the claim that homosexuality is a sin.

Second, the ideas of the article are well-organized. The author begins by describing the history of homosexuality both in the world and in the Bible, which shows that it is not new. He then proceeds to explain the medical concerns and legal issues related to homosexuality. These sections act as the background to the article's study, which the author uses to build his argument. He continues to support his claim with adequate data, facts, and Biblical passages, and then makes a concise conclusion.

Finally, the article demonstrates an effective use of language. In particular, the author pays attention to the style tone and clarity of his writing. The language is concrete and specific to the primary subject. Also, it is precise and clear since he goes to the extent of giving the various definitions of certain words that vary between Bible versions or scholars' commentaries.


The main weakness of this article is the use of long-winded sentences, which makes some of the content hard to read.


In summary, the article Homosexuality by John Jefferson Davis is a reliable description of homosexuality addressed from a Biblical and pastoral perspective. Notably, the article makes it clear that although homosexuality is a sin, it can be forgiven. Just as God forgave Saul and turned him into Paul, a homosexual can be changed through the grace of God into a decent man. Thus, to fight this sin, Christians should make their marriages and sexual behaviors in congruence with the high standards of the Bible.


Davis, J. F. (1993). Homosexuality. In Evangelical Ethics: Issues Facing the Church Today. (pp. 95-113). Phillipsburg, N. J.: P&R Publishers.

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