Assignment Example on Organizing a Focus Group Event

Published: 2019-10-28
Assignment Example on Organizing a Focus Group Event
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While most event organizers organize events with the aim of conveying information, some events are designed to gather information. Focus groups are a popular way of helping organizers understand the nuances of events ranging from product development to campaign messages. A focus group is a technique used in research for gathering data using qualitative methods such as questionnaires, interviews, and surveys. An event can make a better impression on the attendees if it stimulates all of their senses. Events focusing on the five senses are often the most memorable and exciting ones. This essay looks at how a focus group can be used to establish the correct design of an event by appealing to the five senses.

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The first step in organizing a successful focus group event involves choosing a suitable venue. A fancy venue is not necessary; just a place that is easily accessible. Considering that links to public transport are crucial, a venue that is in close proximity to a bus stop, or an underground or train station is ideal. If some of the focus group members will driving, making packing space arrangements is recommended. Notable high-value venues include community centers, church halls, learning institutions, meeting rooms within business centers that can be hired on an hourly basis, or even the event organizers own offices.

What the participants see as soon as they arrive at the event makes a huge impression. At first glance, the events design is what will meet their eyes. As the organizer would want to participants to observe beautiful decor, it is advisable to go for just the ideal centerpiece, and organize the decor in a way that appears cohesive. Also, the noises that participants will be hearing the moment they arrive at the event is worthy of consideration. For instance, if the focus group event is being held outdoors, the background sound could be water falling or the chirping of birds. For an indoors event, ambient music has the potential to set the mood just the right way.

Smell is among the senses often left out when planning a focus group event, despite the fact that it is capable of making a great impression. Given that it is linked to memories, it is advisable for an organizer who wishes the event to be memorable to incorporate pleasant smells that entice the guests. A great way of doing this is by including candles and flowers to the event. Participants do not want to feel as if they only enjoy things at the event visually, and are not allowed to touch them. The organizer should include items and accessories that those present can feel free to pick and give an in-depth analysis. Displaying memorabilia items such as photographs is an excellent way of adding touch to any event. Taste is arguably the most crucial of the five senses. This means the food and drinks served should be on top of a focus group events highlights. The organizer should go for delicious foods and refreshing drinks, and also ensure they match with the events theme.

Someone may be planning to launch new product or service, or could just wish to know existing clients better. Whatever the case, organizing a focus group event is an ideal way of gaining valuable insight into a target audiences needs. Such an event will make a much formidable impression if it stimulates some if not all of the participants senses. There is an emotional engagement that can result in a much better brand recognition, eventually driving up sales.


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