Essay Sample on Parenting

Published: 2022-11-21
Essay Sample on Parenting
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There is clear evidence that the type of parenting given to children influence their behaviour as they grow up. The childrearing regime practiced by the parents affects the general child development. Studies show that children's genetic makeup equally influences their behaviour in the environment. For the parents to understand their children as they grow up, it is essential to evaluate their thinking because studies indicate that cognitive skills influence behaviour. In this paper, I will explain how the parenting I received influenced my life and discuss other environmental factors that have affected my life.

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The type of parenting style that I was exposed to while growing up greatly influenced my social life and behaviour. I was raised by authoritative parents; they demonstrated high demand and high responsiveness to ensure that I adopt positive behaviours. Whenever I made a mistake, the parents would talk to me gently and advise me not to repeat the mistake without exposing me to negative punishment. My parents were always willing to listen to me and would reason with me to find a solution. They set clear limits on behaviour to ensure that we behave well at all times. The parents also advised me to exercise high discipline and respect for the elders, and this helped me to learn how to interact with people who were older than me. As a result of the excellent parenting approach, I turned out to be curious, well behaved and exercised high self-confidence.

Also, the positive parenting style enabled me to perform well in school because of high discipline. I also developed high self-esteem, and I did not have any thoughts to engage in deviant behaviours since my parents were always against them. Exposure to authoritative parenting helped me to develop excellent social skills to explore the environment without fear. The parents thought me how to be self-reliant and independent, and I always work hard to accomplish my targets as well as demonstrating high levels of competency. The parenting I was given enabled me to learn their parents should understand the children. Exposing negative behaviour to children would eventually be practiced by them leading to a dirty generation. Therefore, it is recommended that parents stay close to their children, listen to them and guide them in the right direction.

Other environmental factors that influenced my life include the social environment. In our community, children were expected to be disciplined and hardworking. Any child that went against the societal norms was punished. I observed the standards while growing up and this eventually helped me to achieve my dreams. I never got involved in harmful behaviours, and I worked hard in school to show compliance with the standards of society. Another factor that contributed to my success in life was spiritual nurturing. I never missed Sunday school teachings, while there, I was taught the spiritual values. According to religious teachings, children were a form of blessing to the parents. As a result, we were told that we should obey our parents if we would wish to live longer on earth. As a Sunday school child, I exercised high discipline, obedience and hard work which greatly influenced my life. I was able to learn good qualities, effective leadership skills and how to live with others in harmony.

In conclusion, it is evident that parenting styles have massive impacts on the life of the child especially the behaviour. Exercising good parenting helps to shape the behaviour of children as they undergo growth and development. As a child raised by authoritative parents, I was exposed to positive behaviour which yielded desirable outcomes. Other environmental factors such as social and spiritual environment also influenced my life. Parents should learn how to understand the thinking of their children because thinking significantly affects behaviour.

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