Essay Sample on the Expression of Pride

Published: 2022-11-27
Essay Sample on the Expression of Pride
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Pride is a sense of deep pleasure or feeling that comes as a result of someone achievement in a particular area. While some people perceive ego as connected to self-esteem and confidence, other people see it as a negative aspect that is used by an individual or members of a certain group to undermine members of a marginalized group that are considered inferior. It implies that, some people consider pride as a positive while others perceive it as having negative implication to the people who are considered inferior. In this essay, I will argue that if wrongly expressed pride becomes arrogant which can negatively affect people who are considered less superior in society.

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Pride can make an individual arrogant in society. It might be as a result of an exaggerated sense of worth that one develops which may make him or her demean others. It makes an individual think that others are not important in society. For example, in American culture, the pride of the white people can make them feel that the rest of the racial groups are inferior and hence they should be subjected to discrimination. It is a false feeling because different people are talented in different areas thus no human being should consider him/herself as being superior to the other. For people who think that pride has a positive implication in society, they will argue that pride will make successful people more confident and more successful. However, this is not ethical because at the same time they will be undermining others.

Pride in society can also heart the feelings of others. People show pride in different ways. Some people use it to portray their self-esteem and self-respect. As it may, I would consider these two as the only positive impacts of pride. However, the ego becomes harmful when it interferes with the feelings of others. Consider a situation where a student is the best in academic performance in his/her school. If this student becomes proud because of being the best students, he/she may end up hurting the feelings of the others. Pride hurt the sentiments of the others when it became arrogant where an individual tries to show others that they cannot achieve because they are inferior. It makes them feel humiliated which may have negative impacts in their academic endeavors. In this scenario, the best way to show pride is by showing others that they also stand a position to be successful.

Pride may also impact of psychological and physical well-being of people in the society. People learn from what they interact with most of the time. People who perceive pride as a virtue argues that pride can make other people work hard to challenge the enjoyment of the already successful people. However, this might be wrong since the impact might be harmful. Pride may affect some individual psychologically making them have an illusion that they are inferior and they cannot succeed.

Pride can only be positive when it helps an individual to have self-esteem and self-respect. However, though people perceive pride as a positive thing, it can have a negative implication to people exposed to it. It makes people arrogant perceiving others as inferior. It hurt other people feeling an aspect that negatively affect their physical and psychological wellbeing. When expressing pride, one should do it in a way that they show other people that they also stand a chance to be successful.

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