Paper Example: Family News

Published: 2023-05-01
Paper Example: Family News
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Over the past few years, divorce rates in the U.S. have shown a major decline. This is evident with the number of divorces that were recorded in the year 2017 with only 35% of the 2 million marriages that occurred getting divorced (McDowell,2019). Could it be because of the cost of divorce? This is one of the most unanswered questions that have been left ringing in people's minds. According to the article, the writer reports that the average cost of getting a divorce in the U.S. can range up to $ 15000 (McDowell,2019). The high costs often occur as a result of the case by case basis that needs payment in filing the case, attorney general fees, mediation fees, and educational classes for the parents and other fees that can be incurred as a result of the entire process.

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According to Cohen (2018), divorce as being a product of a person's attribute. Considering the case provided in the text on 'when enough is enough,' the Gallop Pollin Organization asked about 500 married couples if any of them would forgive his or her couple if engaged in an affair with another person (McDowell,2019). Surprisingly the greatest percentage was no forgivers and would rather have a divorce. The responders spoke relating to their attributes (Cohen, 2018). Can the cost of forgives match up to the cost required to get a divorce? This is one of the questions that couples fail to ask and find definite answers before proceeding with a divorce. For this reason, people should justify the conditions before giving it okay.

Everyone deserves to be happy. In cases where couples are staying in an unhappy marriage, divorce is a better option. This, however, can come up with several disadvantages. Divorce has several consequences. Can you trade your happiness with that of your family? I bet not. One should, therefore, consider several parties before choosing to get a divorce. Among the parties that one should consider before making a move is the children, adults, and also any other part. The writer further states in the textbook that rather than the high costs incurred during the entire divorce process, children whose parents had a divorce will also have greater chances of getting a divorce too when they grow up (Cohen, 2018).

Divorce is never a one-day issue. It is a process that requires a lot of resources, both money and time. Divorce as can bring about various effects from the personal level, the community or institutional level, and at the level of the economy. On a personal level, it feels right when you seek advice from a person before doing something. As discussed earlier, divorce is an expensive process that needs a lot of resources to accomplish. According to the article provided, the writer argues that filing a case alone requires like $300 (McDowell,2019). Something quite expensive to handle, lack of enough resources can cause emotional distress to an individual.

At the institutional level, research conducted by various scholars indicates that children whose parents had divorced had lower academic achievement than those from non-divorced families. Those from divorced families are also likely to drop out of school as compared to those from non-divorced families. Divorce, therefore, harms children relating to their academic achievements. At the economic level, it is evident that divorce slows economic growth as it creates a condition in which more housing, power, and resources are required to impacting the economic growth of a country.

Relating to the article, the entire divorce process is expensive both for the individual, the family, and the country's economy as well. The writer further advises that when dealing with divorce matters, seek knowledge, and get a financial team to prevent one from suffering financial constraints. Costs dealing with divorce do not end after the divorce is finalized as it may change someone's lifestyle.

In conclusion, divorce is a product of a person's attributes. It is a process that requires a lot of resources to finalize. The process has several consequences for an individual, the community, and also to the economy of a country. Proper knowledge is, therefore, needed before one seeks to conduct a divorce.


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