Contrast Essay Sample: Friday Movie 1995 and Short Story Moonlight by Maupassant

Published: 2020-02-19
Contrast Essay Sample: Friday Movie 1995 and Short Story Moonlight by Maupassant
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The two films exhibit different themes, plots as well as characters. Although both movies have a certain number of similarities, their contrast is significant. Some of the similarities are that both the movies have the theme of love. Additionally, in both films, the characters are guilty in one way or another. However, despite the similarities, the two movies depict quite substantial distinctions including their plots, themes, and characters.

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The Friday Movie 1995 is about two young men in Los Angeles who are frustrated and as a result, they have embarked on drugs. The young men are engulfed with a lot of issues in their lives, and they find themselves faced with a very tight situation that may cost their lives. When they find themselves entangled in a debt of $200 that belongs to the Big Worm, their lives get risked. Big Worm threatens to kill both of them after giving them just some hours to refund the cash. As such, the guys find it hard and their attempt to repay the money gives them a lot of troubles including theft, fights as well as assaults. However, the film is full of different themes including crime, love as well as lies.

On the different point, the Moonlight Short Stories movie is the two sisters Madame Roubere and Henriette Roubere, who are having a conversation. After Madame Roubere returns from a vacation with her husband in Switzerland, her sister Henrietta visits her and finds her sister alone because her husband is away attending the family business that needs his attention in their estate. The movie revolves about the narration that Madame tells her sister regarding their vacation. She tells her how as they were walking, they came across an exquisite scene of nature. Madame was so much overwhelmed by the nature that she requested her husband, but he did not kiss her. Her husband did not see any connection between the beauty of nature and the kiss; however, Madame was so upset, and this resulted to her cheating on her husband.

The characters in both movies are also different. In the Friday Movie 1995, almost all the characters are young teenagers. The characters are the African- American origin.The film centers about the young individuals Craig and Smokey who are nothing but drug addicts as well as drug dealers. A lot of the events in the film are the ones done by the teenagers, such as the stealing of a bike. On the other hand, the characters in the Moonlight Short Stories whites and they are more mature. The events in the movie are centered around mature individuals such as family, business as well as vacations. The discussions going on in the film are also for an adult such as the story of Madame cheating on her husband.

Although both movies depict the theme of love, this theme differs in each film. In the movie of Moonlight Short Stories, the theme of love is represented in different scenes. In the first place, the idea of love is described where Madame and her husband are on a vacation. They both walk through an exquisite nature scene, and she wants her husband to kiss her. Another love theme is where Madame cheats on her husband with a particular barrister under the moonlight. In the film of Friday Movie 1995, the theme of love is depicted where Craig gets a call from his girlfriend very early in the morning accusing him of going out with another woman. At the end point of the movie, it is clear that Debbie and Craig are in love. Other contrasts in the two movies are that the Friday film is more of crime and violence, but the Moonlight Short Stories film does not exhibit any crime and violence.

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