Free Essay Sample with Gender Interview Lab

Published: 2022-04-08 10:35:45
Free Essay Sample with Gender Interview Lab
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Being that the gender interview lab requirement involved interviewing two students, one male by the name Marc and the other being a female by the name messy, the students were provided with an equal platform with an opportunity to experience an informal interview schedule. Generally, with an audio recording device that involved a tape recorder, a phone and a quiet environment where there was no disturbance during the interview process, the paper will come up with a gender-related comparison through the respondent's analysis.

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With the first male participant by the name Marc, it is important to note that the interview process required a cool and quite place and the best place where this interview was held was the library, and the tape recorder was used in recording the whole process. Throughout the whole experience, the interview was not muffled since the library offered a quite process. Comparatively, the second participant was a female's student by the name Missey. Since the interview process required a quite place, library formed part of the most convenient region to conduct the interview process. The phone was used to record the interview process since the region was not a noisy environment.

Ideally, using a tape recorder in the case of Marc and a phone recorder in the case of Missey was some of the best ideas. The interview process was perceived to be successful, and it is important to incorporate them more so in handling an interview that is being handled in a quite environment. However, tape recorder did an amazing job all through. Even though the interview process went on with no interruption, it is important to consider the fact that some few problems like an interruption from people moving in and out of the library occurred.

Gender comparison

Comparatively, gender played an important role in coming up with the interview outcome, the female Missey who was being interviewed was a little bit rigid and demonstrated fixed answers in the long run. She feels like the question is being used to scrutinize her hence playing a shy role on the female gender. On the other side, Marc provides elaborate answers. He is viewed to be freely answering the questions without getting rigid with short answers. In this case, he is viewed to be playing a confident role and a masculine personality as far as the interview is concerned.

It is important to note that in the interview process, the female figure is living with the notion that they are being treated differently and she feels like teachers were treating them a little bit different since they were more responsible than boys .this actually demonstrates that female figure is mostly driven by emotions. Comparatively, the male figure demonstrates equality by providing; Marc ended up providing a general answer by showing that boys and girls are being treated equally. Finally, concerning the general role in life and the feeling of stereotype both of the gender demonstrated that in the grown-up stage, everyone has a role to play and the feeling of inadequacy and stereotype is based on an individual not related to gender at all.

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