How Do You Find Inspiration for Writing

Published: 2017-06-19
How Do You Find Inspiration for Writing
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Writing is therapeutic word art, which allows many to be as personal or impersonal as they want. Taught at a very young age to use your words to express your feelings is exactly what writing allows. Writing can become a person`s mouthpiece. When verbal words tend to fail to surface, writing step forth in away to project the hidden words and emotions. Years ago the trend of diaries were very high, everyone wanted to have their hidden emotions documented. The thrill to release pent up stress and emotions through a wooden or plastic stick was relaxing, as well as through the ink off the tip of a feather. Writing is no new thing, it has been active for millennials.

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I myself have always been inspired to write from an abundances of sources. From such things as; tragedy, adversity, cultural differences, nature, and even food. Life in general is viewed in multiple aspects, and through writing many people share their different outlooks of life. With writing there is no certain look. Writing has no color or size. Writing is as rated E as a children`s movie. So when asked how do I find inspiration for writing, I only listed a slight few things because just about anything could provide me inspiration. I have always been inspired with the field of psychology, how powerful the mind could be gives me awe to its power. I am enrolled as a freshman in college with interest to study the field of forensic psychology, the criminal mind is something mysterious and worth writing about.Words itself can be very impactable to a person`s mental and physical health. Writing can be medicine in a way. Many people write their inner feelings and then trash it just for the satisfaction of releasing pent up emotions. I also get inspiration to write because there is always at least two sides or more to a story. Writing is not just a one perspective thing. If someone writes about the disadvantages of technology to children; someone else could write about the advantages a child could have with technology. That being just a mediocre example of different perspectives with writing, there will always be more than one side to anything. Writing could convey any side of any story. Another reason I enjoy writing is simply because there is no set way. With writing you could do it in whatever way that you please. In the world of writing there are so many genres, which were made to configure to any style of writing. That is what makes writing amazing, you don`t have to try and fit in; there will always be a home for different writings.

So, where do I get inspiration to write was the question, my last and final answer would be self-fulfillment. I am inspired to write because writing itself can be something so simple or as complicated as you want. Behind a person`s writing are many personal experiences, deep emotions, thrown away attempts, used erasers and dried up white out, just to please themselves. A writer writes whatever, and however they feel like to convey their own feelings and their own point of view. Writing is a stress reliever. It can sooth the mind of just about anything you want.

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