Paper Example on How to Implement Change Using Kotter's Eight-Step Plan

Published: 2023-04-23
Paper Example on How to Implement Change Using Kotter's Eight-Step Plan
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The process for leading change involving eight steps was cultivated by Dr Kotter's after observing several leaders and organizations in four decades as they were trying to execute their strategies. He identified the success factors and combined them into a method for lead change involving an eight-step process.

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To implement change in organizational design and change. One should first consider the type of structure; if it is simple, bureaucratic, or matrix. Changes in culture improvement of project and countering the barriers in communication is also necessary. It is essential to develop a plan that will help to improve communication and also improve the culture in the organization. The leader needs to explain why changes are required in the areas and show the relevance of the change in future. To implement a change in communication and culture, the leader should adopt Kotter's eight-stage plan.

The first step is to create a sense of urgency. Here the project leader should help others understand why change is vital. This should be done through the use of an opportunity statement that communicates the need for enacting the change faster. The leader should expound on why effective communication is essential and why organization culture needs to be improved.

The second step is to build a guiding coalition. A coalition consisting of competent people who guide, coordinate, and communicate the activities that are required. The third step is to a vision and initiative that is strategic.

Here one needs to clarify how different the future will be compared to the current state. It is essential to give a clear strategy on how that future will be achieved through the initiatives that solemnly focus on the vision. This can be achieved by creating a communication plan that will be strategic and effective to all in the organization.

The fourth step is to enlist an army of volunteers. For change to occur on a large scale, many people need to buy the need for change. They should have a personal drive to ensure that change is achieved. The fifth step is to remove barriers and enable action. Barriers may include inefficiencies process and hierarchies. It is essential to remove them to ensure that there is the freedom to work to provide a general impact.

The sixth step is to generate short term wins. Wins lead to attaining required results. It is essential to track progress and celebrate them. This helps to motivate volunteers; therefore, it is essential to identify the track, and communicate them. In the case of Walmart, that created positions and reward programs to motivate employees. This ensures that the employees give their best.

The seventh step is to sustain acceleration. It is essential to insert more energies after the first success. An increase in credibility helps to improve systems and policies. It is vital to remain rent less to make the vision a reality. The last step is to institute change. The connection between new behaviours and the success of the organization should get articulated.

Each stage in the plan is vital and interdependent to allow change to take place. The main principles are transparency, teamwork and communication. The three fundamental principles are the reasons why organizations struggle either by design or in some scenarios by default. The plan is vital and helps to give a guide that gets geared towards a successful outcome.

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