Free Essay on Individual Style of Writing

Published: 2017-08-30
Free Essay on Individual Style of Writing
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My individual style combines realistic prose with fantasy. It is characterized by a set of stylistic features such as, for example, the use of multiple personal pronouns and bookish adjectives, alternation of long and short sentences, color symbolism, allegory, repetition of the key words, vivid visual details.

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The background of the story is connected with the problems that the refugees are facing in the modern world, especially children and young adults. The story was written in order to explore this problem through the lens of a fairy-tale. It investigates the psychological mechanism that helps the main character escape from the harsh reality of the overcrowded ship into the world of imagination and fantasy. I think that the same mechanism is activated in the process of creating a work of literature, especially an escapist one.

The story in one sentence:

The short story is about a young refugee traveling with his father in a search for a better future and his quest into the world of the Eemoreia which helps him to overcome his fears and gain the spiritual strength necessary to live on in the real world.

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